Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 2, 2013
Bully Ray Calls Out Tito Ortiz – Details Inside

Bully Ray Calls Out Tito Ortiz – Details Inside

Bully Ray has commented on Tito Ortiz’ return to TNA on Twitter. He wrote:

1st @Rampage4real now @Titoortiz. Ugh…oh well, looks like thats 2 #Bellator guys Im gonna knock out. They both FEAR me!!
— Bully Ray (@REALBully5150) August 2, 2013

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5 Responses to “Bully Ray Calls Out Tito Ortiz – Details Inside”

  1. whatsup121 says:

    I wouldn’t mine seeing Tito Ortiz against

    Bully Ray in a tables match

  2. 2blackbelts says:

    I admire TNA for trying to cross promote and upgrade the product. However, I am not sure that bringing in MMA fighters is the answer either. Are the MMA guys going to wrestle? Are the wrestlers going to do MMA? I think the message here is very muttled, and confusing. In my opinion, as much as I like MMA, and have been involved in it for years, I really don't care to see the two mixed. I want to watch a pure performance of one or the other, not a dukes mixtures of each trying to invent a new product. I still hope it works for TNA

  3. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Stop with this MMA crap and bring in guys from Mexico and Japan. WRESLERS. This "crossover" between pro wrestling and MMA is FINISHED. It was done to a small degree in the late 90's and it's a little too late now. Most pro wrestling fans don't care about MMA and most MMA fans have no respect for pro wrestling.

  4. Real Deal Heel says:

    I agree with all these comments.

    I would also like for Bully Ray to punch Tito in the mouth.


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