Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 2, 2013
Bully Ray Praised Backstage + Hulk Hogan Update

Bully Ray Praised Backstage + Hulk Hogan Update

Thanks to Ranjit Chahal of for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Since management is quite pleased with how well Bully Ray has taken to his new role in the main event, you can expect his push as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion to continue for a couple of more months. The company wants to take the extended approach to building up a babyface to eventually take the title away from him.

— Depending on his physical condition, Hulk Hogan is currently penciled in for a match against Bully Ray, and it could possibly take place at the Bound For Glory pay per view as we noted earlier here on the website. This is part of the reason the two have been involved in segments on iMPACT! Wrestling over the last few weeks.

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14 Responses to “Bully Ray Praised Backstage + Hulk Hogan Update”

  1. TNArocks says:

    Boo!!! What better way to destroy the No1 heel in the business by having some old fart give him the big boot and leg drop

    • nwoforlife says:

      boo you hogan rules and no one said he was fighting for the tittle now that said hogan has nothing to prove to anyone he was and will always be the best ever second to no one but as much as i am a fan of him he does not need to get in the ring he cant take this any more and the people around him needs to protect hulk from him self the body can only take so much

      • tnadude says:

        You make an excellent point. There's nothing in this that alludes to a title match between the two. Could just be another street-fight like he had with Sting a couple years back.

        I also agree he needs to walk away from the ring for his own safety.

  2. lee4tammy says:

    HH the new TNA HWC 🙁

  3. 1Risky1 says:

    I don't mind a match but not a world title match

  4. Tiffanydude says:

    Guys seriously shut the fuck up with "OMG NOT HOGAN VUYGFYUGVF" Nowhere did it say Hogan will be the next World Heavyweight Champion or even will fight for it. I don't Hogan to fight because of his health, I was scared for Sabin with his return match and he's very young, I don't want anything happening to Hulk. Besides the only way he will be WHC is if someone fight for him or if he vacates the title from Bully.

    • Dante_Cross says:

      It did in fact say that there could be a match and as of now, he is said to be the guy to face Bully Ray. Keeping along with that, what sense would it make to NOT have that match as a title match if they were going to go through with it. Couldn't do that on the biggest PPV of the year, having no world title defense..

  5. soyfenomenal says:

    Build who up as a babyface????????

  6. Showtime says:

    Build up a face to take the belt??? James Storm or a wild card like Eric Young…..imagine an impact where EY beat Bully for the belt. That would be insane

    • tnadude says:

      EY's been off TV too long to build him in a couple of months. Although – EY winning the strap would win best moment of the year…

      Storm's a better choice, but I'd be less surprised for Morgan or Sting.

  7. whatsup121 says:

    Glad there giving Bully Ray the extra push

  8. annil8or4321 says:

    i think bully is a great champ

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