Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 16, 2012
Bully Ray Wants You To Wish He Dies – Details

Bully Ray Wants You To Wish He Dies – Details

Bully Ray recently spoke about his current heel run, saying that he loves making audiences hate his character. “I get off on the fact that people hate me so much,” he said. “I want you to look at me with distain, with anger and with hate. I want you to throw a brick through my car window, I want you to wish death on me.”

He also discussed his improved physical state, saying, “The thing I’m most proud of is that I’ve got myself into the shape I’ve got myself into. I did it the old-fashioned way, I didn’t cut any corners. I’ve been busting my ass in the gym and with my diet.”

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20 Responses to “Bully Ray Wants You To Wish He Dies – Details”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    Sound like his old ecw days, he has been one of my favorite heels since then

  2. FazeYNWA says:

    wud b cool if tna bring back monsters ball. Used 2 b epic wiv guys like sabu rhino raven etc.

    Ray vs Abyss vs Gunner vs ??? Rvd, Anderson, rob terry, hernandez???

  3. TnAOwNz says:

    Wonder when the Dudley Boyz will be back

    • Triple f says:

      It’ll happen, but not for a while. Ray’s the most effective heel in the business right now. The only thing I don’t like about this whole scenario, is that Devon has disappeared. He has more than earned his spot on the card, and this just seems disrespectful.

  4. tna24 says:

    glad this is working out for him. since shim being in a tag team was getting old. but hope one day they get back together for a short long

  5. HolsG says:

    you can tell that – awesome heal but Ray i'm afraid i can't wish you dead (even if you did threaten an 80 year old woman in Manchester) as your too good a wrestler 😉

  6. Pipboy86 says:

    I hope you die Bully Ray.

  7. planetcrush says:

    Bully Ray's hard work has completely changed my opinion on him. I was so sick of Team 3D and I just wanted both Ray and Devon to be gone. I still wish Devon would just leave but Bully Ray has really earned my respect. He's the best heel in TNA right now. He deserves to be the main man.

  8. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Hes a really committed heel, and he deserves alot of praise for that.
    He was a real jerk when i met him at fan interaction, but now im thinking he was just playing heel to me?

    • Triple f says:

      He was just working you. Ray is old- school, and he takes his in -ring character very seriously. If he’s a bully in the ring, he’s going to be a bully when you meet him on the street. It would have been the same if you had met Cactus Jack in 1990, he would have been the same guy you saw in the ring. If you met him today, you would be meeting Mick Foley. I admire both of them for that.

  9. shanedraper says:

    i hope he has a heart attack in the gym

  10. Archo666 says:

    One of the best heels today in wrestling. You just love to hate him! In 3D he was weak and they were just sitting on their glorious moments. Now Bully Ray makes a new history!

  11. GuitarGuruXXX says:

    He is the best heel in all of wrestling right now. As much as I would like to have a face as TNA champ right now, there are endless possibilities with Bully Ray if they put the strap on him for awhile.

  12. Jon says:

    Not particularly compelling to me, but I genuinely appreciate his effort & his approach to the role. That's the approach that can make a good heel be great.

  13. HolsG says:

    re-reading that, i think he may need help lol

  14. Bigmike885 says:

    This may (or may not) make some of you mad, but Bully ray is the absolute best thing TNA has ever done in terms of Character development. and almost all of that praise can go to Bubba himself. He's so dedicated to it that it's borderline scary (kinda like steiner, except Bubba isnt really crazy). I told a buddy of mine (who only watched WWE) about Bubba and how good he was, he watched once, and now watches every single week (bubba isnt the only reason, but he never would have watched without it). Bubba is the kind of character that can get you hooked either in the ring or on the mic. I'd be a shame if he isnt rewarded with a WT run someday soon.

  15. locktite says:

    I don't wish you death P ussy Ray but I do wish you would go away, far away.

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