Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 23, 2013
Chavo Guerrero: ‘Other Talents Make John Cena Look Good’

Chavo Guerrero: ‘Other Talents Make John Cena Look Good’

Fox News Latino has posted an interview with TNA’s Chavo Guerrero, where he discusses coming up in the business and has some not too flattering comments n regards to John Cena. Here is part of that interview…

“In the wrestling business, you know, you really don’t know what you’re doing ‘til about seven, eight years in. You look back to the way wrestling used to be — you didn’t even make it to the big time until you were ten years in minimum. Now you’re in the business for six months or a year and they come in the ring and they’re getting shots at big time. And if you see the wrestling , especially at the other place, you can tell. I won’t even watch that program because it’s bad. The wrestling is so bad.

If he can’t wrestle, then he can’t wrestle, you know? Very, very few and far between do we get a Triple H or a Rey Mysterio, a Randy Orton. That doesn’t happen too much anymore. It’s very few and far between. You can tell who’s making John Cena look good.”

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22 Responses to “Chavo Guerrero: ‘Other Talents Make John Cena Look Good’”

  1. Stunner says:

    That’s nothing new !!! CENA been over hyped for what the past four or five years! Lol

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Fact is Cena used to be good at getting the crowd behind him when he had the US title, and was actually asked to do things aside from the five moves of death. Sadly I think with how long he's been the company's top draw he's lost much of his ability to do anything other than those moves, because it's what management wanted.

      WWE caters mostly to young kids, so repetition is the best way to get them.

  2. oh0K says:

    Where did he say that just wondering…

  3. ricky_No1 says:

    I agree on cena but the fact is nobody could ever make chavo look good. Bitter or jealous is the word that springs to my mind.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Um Chavo may not be the greatest, but definitely better in ring than John Cena. Fact is Chavo was one of the people to help train Cena after he came to WWE… That's why Chavo at one point felt embarrassed (said so over twitter after he left the company), of the fact that he trained Cena and nearly none of the things he taught him is being used. Hence the reason why Cena started using that really terrible drop kick for a while, because Chavo began insulting him.

  4. DJBIGCG says:

    If cena was a free agent, tna would try there very best to sign him

  5. locktite says:

    Someone is mad because he can't cut it anymore with the big boys, and now he had to settle for tna.

  6. ariesstormjoe says:

    chavo has since came out and said his words have been twisted by what he actually said.

    however these supposedly fake comments arent far off.

    cena's recent good matches have been with the following guys….

    cm punk.

    thats it. if he had matches with daniel bryan and maybe a few other guys could be a number of other good matches there.

    on the comments about the wrestling business hes spot on and i assume that comment wasnt tampered with at all.

  7. Mr. Excitement says:

    Bottom line is if your merchandise gets the most sales, you're a top draw in the WWE.

  8. hangers says:

    Chavo is the better wrestler but unfortunately that doesn't always equate to being a champion. Just like Hulk Hogan wasn't the best technical wrestler he has charisma, like Cena has. Put it this way, what would draw better, Chavo vs Rock, or Cena vs Rock…

  9. UCEAD11 says:

    Chavito needs to go back to being a Heel. That is his best work. He should not be a face. I am hoping they can do the intros of him and Hernandez in tricked out vehicles each show. Show them before every show rolling thru town in a new vehicle every week. This can give local car shops country wide recognition. Work out a contract that when TNA is in town, the get a free rental. In return, you get the advertisement for your product. Then when they rival with another tag team, they can steal the opponents vehicle and go for a joy ride. That's how you get Chavito back on the map.

  10. UCEAD11 says:

    Whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine….would be their new catch phrase._

  11. vet8821 says:

    Chavo you have been rideing your family name your whole life.You are one sorry excuse of a wresltler from day one.Why TNA ever signed you up I will never know you are a big waste of time and money.Eddie carried you on his back for all those years.

  12. annil8or4321 says:

    yeah unfortunately cena is now a 5 trick pony, but you can always watch chavo in the main…oh thats right nevermind

  13. Josh Enders says:

    You guys are a bunch of retards… Chavo is a piss on and never should have been in wrestling… Cena is a Beast, if you say different, your a hater… Don’t be mad because you were picked last in gym class you dick beaters

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