Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 21, 2012
Christian York Says TNA Gutcheck Is All Real – Details

Christian York Says TNA Gutcheck Is All Real – Details

Christian York had an interview with the Shining Wizards podcast in which he talked about TNA’s Gut Check challenge, working in WCW and more.

On how he got involved on Gut Check: “I was working in MCW (Maryland Championship Wrestling) and TNA was doing a house show in Bowie, Maryland, and the agents asked for a list of 10 guys, and I was one of the 10. I was eating breakfast with my wife,and they gave me call saying, we want to use you on some house shows and get a look at you. So I did that, and they called me back about doing this Gut Check.”

On the Gut Check Experience: “They told me it’s all a shoot, it’s all real. It’s not scripted stuff or anything like that, and we did that. We went from there, they did the profile thing with me, and then the match with Zema (Ion), which was pretty wild. All day long you don’t know anything, its just like a rehearsal type thing. Just stand in the ring and we will go from there. Its all a shoot, they want raw emotion. ”

The Boy Band Gimmick: “We started that in ’99. We weren’t really on board with the boy band thing. We were like, man, that’s gay. We were trying to be edgy, like every indy wrestler, trying to be cool as hell. We wanted to be called Fourplay, but we ended up being the Badstreet Boys. It worked, we had tons of girls as fans. Kanyon had seen the gimmick and had the idea of getting Shane Helms and Shannon Moore a tryout. Myself and Joey didn’t have any idea about this. Then Shane called and said, hey, man, we just got signed, and I was like, did we get signed? And he was like, no, they are gonna give you a tryout, we are gonna do the boy band gimmick with Evan (Karagias).”

On WCW not being around: “I miss the hell out of it, man. I wish it was still around so guys would have a place to work. ”

First Run with WWF/ECW: “After we got released from WCW we had a no compete clause, 120 days. We waited and we just said, let’s go there and try to get on. And we got on, it was pretty cool. They let us do dives and like all kinds of stuff, stuff that unheard of. They were like, just go out there in tear it up. So we did that, and they liked us and stuff, but we looked like kids compared to the cast of characters in WWF at the time. So they said why don’t you go to ECW and go there and get over, get seasoned, and then come back here. We got in touch with Tommy Dreamer, and they were already interested in us, so we went there and off we went.”

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6 Responses to “Christian York Says TNA Gutcheck Is All Real – Details”

  1. tna24 says:

    Christian York look like the real deal, the best one out of all the gut check wrestlers

  2. Treck says:

    I agree with you tna24 he has real deal quality. A great fit to the x division.

  3. hangers says:

    I like Christian York but Gutcheck is still a lame segment..

    • SageStinger says:

      I think Christian's gut check would have been better if he was the first person to come in and win the match. I thought that would have been pretty sweet.

      • Stunner says:

        WHAT I’m going to agree with a TNA Fan what’s going on here! Yeah it would have been nice to win the match an start a feud from there. Oh well !!! I still can’t believe I’m agreeing with a TNA fan. Next a TNA fans will say something positive about the WWE!!! Then who knows!

      • hangers says:

        It did take the shine off it thats for sure… I just really don't like the whole concept in the same way as the original NXT concept was lame as it's not reality TV, the outcomes are pre-determined, the matches are pre-determined and doesn't resemble any form of reality whatsoever..

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