Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 8, 2012
Christian York Speaks Out – Punk’s Success, Gut Check

Christian York Speaks Out – Punk’s Success, Gut Check

Christian York appeared on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show for an interview Thursday. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Being thrown into the ring with Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode so early into his TNA tenure: “I was pretty surprised when they started throwing me into the mix with the two main guys of the whole company. I mean, it’s an honor that they’ve got enough faith to put me in there. I’m just ready to keep this ball rolling, keep going to find out where I can go.”

TNA Gut Check being a shoot: “They really don’t talk to you during the day. All they did was one of the TV guys comes up to me, and he brought me to the ring, and says, ‘OK, this is where Al’s gonna stand, Taz’s gonna be, Bruce is gonna be, Jeremy’s gonna be here. Don’t cross the ring, you just stand right here is where you wanna stand, and that’s it. And the thing with Joey Ryan was, he got the ‘No’s.’ That was a shoot, that was legit, and he got pissed off and he grabbed the mic and the things that he said was not anything that was planned. He did that, he went into business for himself and look what he’s got now.”

Working in the original ECW: “I loved ECW. I loved being there, I didn’t understand the psychology, like you can beat the hell out of somebody with a chair, but if you’re choking him on the ropes, the referee’s counting to five. But it was a heck of a learning experience.”

CM Punk’s success: “I love it because we’re guys that are the same size. He’s proof that you don’t have to be some big jacked up 6-foot-five monster in order to be the face of the company. I’ve had a lot of friends that have gone up and made it. I know a lot of guys who get so pissed off and disgruntled when they see somebody make it. You should be happy for your friends. My best friend, he went on and made it (Joey Mercury) and everybody’s like, ‘Oh man you gotta be so pissed off.’ I’m like, ‘no, what kind of human being are you?'”

Bully Ray: “I think Bubba’s probably the greatest worker right now to tell the truth, all around guy. I think Bubba’s unbelievable, he’s so well rounded all the way, everything.”

The audio interview is available here.

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9 Responses to “Christian York Speaks Out – Punk’s Success, Gut Check”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    I dont care for cm punk, but York comparing himself is a joke.
    get your head outta your ass kid… you arent that good

    • Dirk1n says:

      You should get a job with the media, York said nothing like that
      “I love it because we’re guys that are the same size. He’s proof that you don’t have to be some big jacked up 6-foot-five monster in order to be the face of the company"
      York compared himself to Punk in size only

  2. Dante_Cross says:

    I have been in contact with Christian York for a few years now, and talked to him on and off in that time. Been a while sense we had talked so it was kind of like "I don't want to message him after all this time because he may think I'm some new bandwagon fan. Would be remember me?" Apparently he did. Here are some excerpts from our conversations recently that talked about wrestling.

    Dante: Hey York, does cronyism only work to an extent in wrestling?

    York: U mean like a friend helping out a friend? It will kill a company that's for sure if people aren't buying into the. Person getting the push. I def like your question much better than "who is your favorite wwe wrestler?" so hit me back.

    Dante: I just noted that you started off in OMEGA (I think) and that was run by Jeff and Matt. I assumed that like other guys from there (Shane, Joey and Shannon) you were still friends with Jeff/Matt. From your interview, you getting picked was because of a indy list given, but once I saw you facing jeff, I just wondered if Jeff had used suggestive pull or something. It's not a singular case as I recall the Austin Aries-Kenny King pairing for a few shows and that drew from them being aligned in ROH, and I wondered if Aries had a hand in King's status then. There are many possible examples but it's all speculation or random thought on my end. It seems you guys have some say as I saw Joey Ryan vs. Chavo on Impact and that match had happened in an indy fed only a few weeks before Chavo joined. It's these coincidences.

    York: Nah that had nothing to do with it, no one has helped me and Jeff had no idea I was here. It's easy to think that but no and this is a serious company , buddy system dont work in wrestling I.e. WCW

    Dante: I don't know your take on what can be considered private questions, but I saw Joey Ryan's youtube video when that angle started with himself and TNA, and I recall you posting a photo a few years back standing in front of what I believed was your home in a suit with your niece for a dance or something– Are indy wrestlers who get substantial booking such as yourself wealthy individuals?

    York: No Not at all, gotta have reg job to pay for wrestling habit Lol

    Dante: What do you do?

    York: Don't do anything now, was a trainer , and subcontractor repairing fitness equipment but lost contract cuz I have a torn growing and ab so I couldn't do jobs assigned by warranty companies
    Gonna start my own training company and I'm also a nutritionist

    (This is where the BS starts. This is our most recent conversation. I haven't replied to his messages after he sent me this..)

    Dante: York, can you give me insight as to how TNA has discussed plans for your character? I don't want storylines, I just would like to know if they send you out there each week to test the waters or do they have plans set?

    York: I haven't got a clue what's going on with me, ive just gone out and done what I do. They haven't told me anything to do nor did they know id call out hardy or go to face Roode.


    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      How do you contact him ? :S

    • Dirk1n says:

      Maybe his contract states that he's not allowed to talk about certain things

      Imagine this, you mention his conversation somewhere, a conversation where he says Gutcheck is bs, Jeff Hardy made sure he got a job and things like that, other people start spreading that stuff, TNA gets wind of it and suddenly York is in a lot of trouble
      It sounds like the guy is covering his own ass, which any wrestler would do

      • Matt Hardy says:

        Of course. No one with good business sense is going to come out and say gutcheck is a work like everything else. Especially when TNA is trying to present it as a legitimate contest. It is an attempt at suspension of disbelief.

    • Imdiym says:

      I used to do ring setup for some of thr ondy shows he worked. He was always a really cool guy. Very hard worker. Not that he’d remember me, but I do sometimes wish I could touch base with some of the guys I used to talk to when I was doing that stuff.

  3. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Nomatter how many times someone says that gut check is legit, Joey Ryan is legit etc , I just dont believe it

    • Matt Hardy says:

      Of course it isn't. Nothing in the wrestling business is legit. It is scripted like everything else. Nobody sends out a performer without them knowing what to expect or what is expected from them. It would be too dangerous otherwise, especially when it was live. What if they got rejected and then in the heat of the moment proceeded to legitimately bury TNA or say something that would get TNA in trouble with the network? It is scripted.

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