Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 29, 2013
Christopher Daniels Addresses Rumors Of TNA’s Doom

Christopher Daniels Addresses Rumors Of TNA’s Doom


Christopher Daniels recently spoke about rumors of TNA’s doom and more. Here are the highlights…

>b>On Rumors of TNA’s Doom: “We’re definitely not going to be done by December, for goodness sake. I think we’re going through some growing pains. We’re still trying to find our legs with being on the road. I don’t think there is trouble in the sense of imminent doom.”

>b>On TNA Being an Alternative: “The way the wrestling world works right now is to focus on what’s happening at WWE,” Daniels said. “If people are upset with that, they can watch TNA because we’re a big alternative. We have some of the most talented wrestlers in the world. If you’re a real wrestling fan, you can’t help but appreciate that sort of effort when you’re putting out a wrestling product.”

>b>On Vince Russo Saying He Couldn’t Get Over: “There was a time when he was pushing really hard for me to do something with Sting, and then somewhere along the way it fell apart and I never got a firm answer on why. In the past couple months, I guess in some interviews that Vince has done, he said that I cared more about wrestling good matches than having a character. I guess that was his reasoning for why I never got over in his eyes. I look at what I’m doing now and he isn’t there, so you tell me, was he right or was I right?”

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