Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 17, 2013
Christopher Daniels Discusses Bad Influence, More

Christopher Daniels Discusses Bad Influence, More


Christopher Daniels recently spoke about where the Bad Influence name came from and more. Here are the highlights…

Where the name “Bad Influence” came from: “”Frankie always liked the name, and I thought it fit with what was going on with us at the time. So we started calling ourselves that before the company did. We are the ‘Bad Influence’ of TNA. We decided that’s who we are, and we kept pushing it and pushing it, and finally everybody [in TNA] hopped on board with it.”

What he’d be doing if he wasn’t a pro wrestler: “I’d probably be running a comic book store somewhere. I was working at a comic book shop before I got into pro wrestling, making a little extra cash and getting comic books for free. Who knows? That may be in my future.”

What he tells his kids he does for a living: “I’ve explained a few things to them. They know I’m playing a bad guy on TV, but I’m not really a bad guy, and they know what I do is not something they should be doing at school on the playground. They understand dad’s doing a job, and it’s entertainment. So it’s easy for them to watch dad get thrown around, booed and goof off like I do. I tell them dad likes getting the thumbs down from everybody, and they know dad doesn’t need to be liked to be successful, but they do wonder why I lose all the time. ‘Dad, when are you going to win?’ ‘I’m not sure yet kids. We’ll keep trying.'”

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5 Responses to “Christopher Daniels Discusses Bad Influence, More”

  1. purpleurkel says:

    tag….champions……please stop jobbing them out

  2. Carlos Flores says:

    It’s time for TNA to give them the straps back.

  3. aos1982 says:

    by far the best tag team at the moment. what better way to inflate the EGO than with a little gold at bfg

  4. annil8or4321 says:

    grest team great chemestry

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