Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 18, 2014
Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Returning To ROH

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Returning To ROH

As reported last night, the ROH-NJPW War of the Worlds show ended last night with the announcement that Christopher Daniels and someone (Kazarian) would be making their return to the promotion. The announcement took place

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as a promo and was not part of the iPPV, instead airing in the Hammerstein Ballroom after the cameras had turned off. The promo saw Daniels sitting at a bar with an Appletini, saying that he’s coming home to the promotion and would be at Best in the World on June 22nd. Then someone wearing a blurred Kazarian shirt stepped into frame with his head cut off, and Daniels said people shouldn’t assume that he was coming alone. Kazarian could not be showed as his TNA deal doesn’t actually expire until June 1st.

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5 Responses to “Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Returning To ROH”

  1. TheMiwyun says:

    Lucky for Ring of Honour. Great tag team. I'll miss them in TNA

  2. A_Double says:

    I wonder what ROH pays vs TNA

  3. Peckar says:

    Awesome. Even more reasons to watch ROH. ROH just has two cross-promtion events with NJPW. Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested . Far better events than the one TNA put on with Wrestle1.

  4. tnadude says:

    While I wish BI would be on the bigger stage making more money, it's still great for the fans that we get them on TV.

  5. Beezy_Does_It says:

    That promo did air as part of the ippv. I ordered the ippv and after the show they showed the promo. Ring Of Honor probably doesn't pay as good as some past TNA contracts have been for but I think the big thing with ROH is that they are like a major Independent, so a lot of guys don't have real contracts. This opens up the door for wrestlers to get more bookings aka make more money. I think a certain number of guys or the top talent have some kind of contract but I've read articles on Rhyno and Matt Hardy and they both have said they are working on a "If it works for my schedule/If I'm available" hand shake type of deal. So in A.J.'s case he can work whatever dates for NJPW and come back to the states and work for ROH and whoever else as much as his body will allow. It was probably real smart for A.J. to leave TNA. I wouldn't be surprised if he's making more money now then when he was with TNA.

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