Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 7, 2013
Christopher Nowinski: ‘Bully Ray Ended My Career’

Christopher Nowinski: ‘Bully Ray Ended My Career’

In an interview with the Eagle Tribune, Christopher Nowinski spoke about the concussion he suffered when he was kicked in the head by Bully Ray (then Bubba Ray Dudley), which ultimately led to his retirement and pioneering concussion research. Here are highlights:

On his last match in the WWE: “My last match was in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a tag team match. My short term memory was shot. I remember saying to my partner, ‘If I blink out, take it home.’ ”

On suffering from post-concussion syndrome: “My biggest mistake was that I lied for five weeks. I thought I was supposed to be tough, rather than let (my) brain recover. I ended up needing to be sedated every night so I could sleep. A drug sleep is not a good one. I woke a lot of times in the middle of the night thinking I was choking to death. It was bad, really bad.”

On advancing medicine for concussion patients: “We have to do a better job at identifying concussions when they occur. Studies show that only 10 percent of the concussions that kids get are identified as concussions. Then you have to give the brain some rest. There is also a cumulative affect. You don’t want to have too many hits to the head. Little League baseball has pitch counts to protect arms. What about hits to the head?”

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15 Responses to “Christopher Nowinski: ‘Bully Ray Ended My Career’”

  1. 02Roadking says:

    Bully Ray didn't end his career – lying about having a concussion for 5 weeks ended his career…..

  2. Mutter5 says:

    Question kiddies!
    Take It Home, means?

  3. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    If Bully Ray didn't end his Career, his wrestling skills (or rather his lack of) would have.

  4. Real Deal Heel says:

    Nowinski's "career" ended when he opened his mouth. No spin…he just sucked.

  5. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    Just like Goldberg, a non-wrestler, ended Bret Hart's career.

  6. HolsG says:

    Someone holds a grudge…
    It's wrestling – accidents happen, this is the first 'bad' word that i've ever heard about Ray

  7. Vampirofan says:

    Bully Ray ended my career, my sexual career. He had too much beef and I lost my stiffy. Naughty naughty boy Bubba Ray!

  8. menionazalee1 says:

    The question is….who really gives a flying fig! He is not in TNA! Why is this news worthy.

  9. Bigmike885 says:

    seriously guys..he wasn't "blaming" Ray..he said it was when it occurred…they asked him what happened..he told them..If you read the quotes..he never even mentioned Bubba…its not like he said "bubba was careless and kicked me in the head..poor me"..hes a leader in concussion research…he was describing what happened…

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