Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 12, 2013
CM Punk Calls The Pope A ‘Nazi’ – Kurt Angle Responds

CM Punk Calls The Pope A ‘Nazi’ – Kurt Angle Responds

CM Punk tweeted a Nazi joke about the news that Pope Benedict XVI is retiring due to his age at the end of the month. Benedict has been often criticized for his participation in the Hitler Youth program in the late ’30s, a participation that he defended by saying that all children who grew up in Germany were forced to join the group. Punk retweeted the following from a fan, calling the joke “magic”:

“The pope resigned? I did nazi that coming.”

When someone else replied to it saying that Punk was pushing the envelope, Punk replied:

“Oh piss off. Pope was a nazi.”

UPDATE: Kurt Angle posted the following to Twitter in response to CM Punk’s comments about The Pope being a Nazi:

“Cm Punk Should thank GOD that the Pope is a forgiving Man. Because Even the Pope Could Whip Punk’s skinny ass”

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