Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 27, 2016
Colt Cabana Discusses ‘Finding Freedom’ On The Indie Scene

Colt Cabana Discusses ‘Finding Freedom’ On The Indie Scene

Colt Cabana spoke with Crave Online to promote the release of Wrestling Road Diaries 3. Some highlights are below:

On finding freedom on the indie scene post-WWE: “When I was in the developmental system in the WWE, there were a lot of people saying ‘You can’t do that’ and a lot of it was they would stop me from doing a higher level. That’s the thing about the WWE or a bigger place. Everyone is afraid for their jobs and they don’t want a bad stamp on their own resume. That’s why the independents are great. There is a freedom for everything. The idea of being restricted is because everyone is afraid for their jobs and they’re nice high-paying corporate jobs and there’s not a lot in the world of wrestling so of course, they want to hold on to it.”

On the dynamic between Colt, Grado and Mitsunobu Kikuzawa in Road Diaries: “They were funny because Kikutaro’s second language is English and Grado’s first language is English and it was almost like Kikutaro spoke better English than Grado did. I like to think that three naturally funny people around each other with the same kind of sense of humor and sensibility is great. Kikutaro and Grado had never met each other. Individuality, I was great friends with both of them so it was kind of like I was matchmaking here and they hit it off really well.”

On fans hijacking wrestling shows: “Yeah, you paid your money and you’re allowed to do whatever you want to do but in a perfect world, you’d sit back and react to the entertainment. But sometimes it’s not perfect and in wrestling, we’re educating everyone to be rowdy. Obviously, it’s preferred you let the stars be the wrestlers and not individual fans. But in the film with the little girl in the Grado match, that made the match and saved it. If she wasn’t a part of it, that whole match goes downhill so it’s double-edged sword.”

On the popularity of NXT and indie wrestling in WWE: “It’s funny how late WWE is to the party where they just realized how awesome it is and now they have basically started their own independent promotion with NXT, which is kind of weird but totally expected. It’s the Hot Topic of Punk Rock, if you will [laughs]. But I think anything underground that you discover will always be cool in any culture so independent wrestling is something you can discover that’s very niche and very quiet.”

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