Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 10, 2013
Competitors For Tonight’s TNA Gutcheck Revealed

Competitors For Tonight’s TNA Gutcheck Revealed

As reported yesterday, former WWE talent “Lonesome” Jay Bradley from Resistance Pro wrestling will be taking part in tonight’s TNA Gutcheck.

Also taking part in the competition is southern California Independent worker Brian Cage.

Bradley’s appearance was confirmed on Twitter, while Cage encouraged his Twitter followers to tune into iMPACT! via Twitter.

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19 Responses to “Competitors For Tonight’s TNA Gutcheck Revealed”

  1. dcxboxx says:

    i wonder how long til they put an end to gutcheck. i guess maybe after this year. it should run its course by summer. at least aces of eighs reveals will end at lockdown. that storyline in god awful now. they should have sped it up months ago. im for long storylines, but they were never given a purpose a reason why they are even here for one. its just dragging it out too much at this point thats hurting it. started off good though.

    now how about giving samoa joe a good singles push once again. things could have been different if they never wasted his un defeated streak on kurt angle. imagine if joe destoryed "the wrestling machine" kurt angle that night

    next thing tna needs to do is put the knockout divsion to rest. its dead in the water now they have no divisison its so bad eric young is a womens tag champ (the tag divsion has been a joke since day one not because of who champs were initially, but because WHY? why have a tag divsion when you only have a hand ful of females. hardley a handful of talented ones now.

    • tna24 says:

      well sometimes it better to have long story lines, because now days some story lines are done too fast. so what does it hurt to have some story lines that are actually working last long, because i like the As and 8s story long.

      as for the joe thing wasnt being champ getting a single push and being undefeated is cool and all but over time it get boring and it good for a guy to lose once in a while.

      i get the whole thing with the women tag, that idea was dumb and should just be dump, but as for dumping the knockouts as a whole is stupid. why dump something that draw guys to watch this show. i know they arent the same, but it still fun to watch.

      • tnadude says:

        I've said it probably 10 times in the last month – switch the KO tag belts to a mixed-tag belts. It would allow the women to cross over into the men's angles and get them more involved. They could be used as valets in some cases as well. That, in turn, would make their own angles more interesting.

        Think about what being paired with EY did for ODB. Now imagine what Velvet & Sabin could do together. And don't get me started on how much fun it could be to watch Magnus and the Blossom twins. Yeah, I know he's dating Mickey James, but Magnus + twins = ratings.

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        i think with the EY and ODB getting the knockout tags thing it was does as a bit of comedy. i wouldnt retire the belts as i think its possible to give them purpose to the division but its going to take tna a while.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I do agree that aces & 8s should've been moved further along than what it is now, to be honest I think some sort of leader role should've been made clear by now. The KO division is in poor condition because those in power don't see women's wrestling as a success, let alone the fact that 5 years ago it was the highest rated part of the show.

      Finally gutcheck isn't going to end any time soon… It's entire purpose is to scout for new talent and send them to OVW as future long term talent for the company. A lot of wrestlers who are prepared for TV are in short supply, and obviously as of lately TNA has been cleaning house. Fact is that only a fraction of wrestlers are capable of performing on TV, and even a smaller fraction of those actually make it out of OVW. Any wrestler who's gone to OVW to train and gain experience will tell you that it's one of the toughest places to work, and it's like that to sort through those who are truly serious and those who are basically second rate.

      • tna24 says:

        there nothing wrong with gutcheck, it a once a month thing for tna to look for new talent. there nothing wrong with that i dont see why people want it to end. i actually like gut check, because they found a guy like york

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          Even once a month has proven not to be enough, hence why they're doing two people now. Unfortunately only about 30% of wrestlers on the indy circuit can perform on TV in their current state. Only about half of that 30% can actually make it through OVW without giving up… Unfortunately they go through more talent than what they'll actually be using down the line. They can't always rely on former WWE talent and legends to hold up their roster like they have in the past.

      • tnadude says:

        You're definitely on to something with Aces & 8s. Personally, I don't care that the angle hasn't come close to completion. What I am ticked about is:

        1) It's been MONTHS since they've mentioned their "leader". To the point that the casual viewer is lead to believe Devon is running the show. Come on – let us know there's someone behind the curtain, please.

        2) They job. Constantly. It's far to predictable and frankly – wtf are they thinking? If they want to pass the unmasked guys off as jobbers, ok. Just have the masked guys come in and beat the crap out of the TNA guys, but refuse to wrestle. But for crying out loud – PLEASE establish SOMEONE as competent or people will quit caring. Actually, some already have.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      hopefully never.

      the point of gutcheck is to show how they sign talent.

      aces and 8s purpose hasnt been identified yet. we'll see who else is brought in….and who the actual leader is.

      put the knockouts division to rest? erm no. orrrrrrrr erm no. tna still have some talented knockouts hanging around and they will be signing more i guarantee you.

      you have to think wrestling is a hard business. if they are showing say rosita and sarita (good talents tho rosita is a little green due to her age, put her in OVW). but if they are getting tv time. who isnt getting tv time? tara? gail kim? mickie james? tho of course rosita and sarita would have opponents like say velvet sky and angelina love in this alternate world. its a good theory but the knockouts championship is the main womens belt. they should keep the knockouts tag but just build the division up, get a 2nd show then they can be able to actually give it purpose.

      too much talent too little tv time.

  2. dcxboxx says:

    gut check should just be an online thing for tna, they need to expand an online pesense for themselves. , and i agree with you tna24 about the womens divsion but i still take mt stance. i think it should end. we dont need them now. what they should do is bring in women to ovw start develpoing talent bring them in, bring back some past women and some big international womens star. bring it back in 2 years but with the impact the knockout divsion first had.

    • tna24 says:

      well tna is signing new women talent, they sign one with gutcheck and i believe they sign women in England or where ever. but there nothing wrong with having it on tv, it not hurting anyone. it a one match thing once a week. cutting it would only make people mad. plus it not only tna , wwe women division is in the same spot tna in.

      • dcxboxx says:

        it just doesnt need to be on impact even once a month. a web based show would better serve it . tna could do a new web series part taped part live. have pre show matches (xplosion) mix with a tna reaction type show and do the guy check stuff on that. that way it doesnt hurt the flow of the main show. not that i dont mind the gut check stuff, i think it doesnt belong on impact your one and only show on tv.

        • tna24 says:

          no gutcheck is fine the way it is, it shouldnt be it own show. tNA wants to be different and having gutcheck this way is begin different. having it own show would be too much like a WWE show they have online

          • dcxboxx says:

            i didnt say its own (gutcheck theme only) show and wwe doesnt have a gutcheck type show online. they have nxt which is their dev promotion online its just fcw on a lager stage.

            im saying do a webshow (tna xplosion but am it up with a hybrid live and taped portion or live fully) pre impact you have matches undercard stuff you dont have time for on impact, and gut check. while also having some backstage segments pushing tonights impact, during comercial breaks they would come back online with continuing matches or other stuff (wwe did this for a few special raws a year ago) post show they could do something like tna reaction was on spike tv, but shorter 30 min version. special impacts they could end it new japan style with a press conference that could be used to ehnance storylines do some sort of angle what not. not so much a second show but more a compliment to impact as it is. while same time trimming the fat from impacts 2 hours and work on making that a stronger show.

          • tna24 says:

            naw i think tna fine the way it is, if they want to do another show then just have another show like smackdown. we dont need to do all this extra unnecessary stuff. if they want a tna reaction, then do short 5 to 10 min one on line. it doesnt need to be 30 min . people like to see wrestling not talking. why you think tna reaction failed so bad after a few shows

      • dcxboxx says:

        ya true but wwes womens division has always been a joke. but fact is women are pretty much an upgrade to midget wrestling. nothing against it i love good womens wrestling. but same time its not a draw. tv ratings a little bit sure i mean its tits and ass . they will do something special for a short bit then kinda kill it off or do bra and pantie matches or some cheesy bad comedy. women wont draw house shows (tna doesnt draw houseshows anyways but still) wont sell ppvs or anything based on the women. but same time they do add a distraction to the male wrestlers thats needed at times. but im not saying kill it off fully. kill the tag divsion no doubt as thats pointless. but just kill the womens divsion just fora year or 2, bring talent to ovw, myabe have them work tna house shows but not tv. then when tna is ready they re introduce the divsion but with a big impact, by saying this is womens wrestling, they are knockouts. bring back kong for a short sting (she was planning toretire before wwe called her) have her come in bring in the better stars, some international names and top indies. while i say end the divsion i dont say get rid of all knockouts or womens matches. they can have velvet sky as a valet or some talens as valets and what not, they can have a knockouts match now and then, but not a divsion til its ready to have a proper re launch. this way tna can focus on the x divsion which was the only thing special about tna but they can finally make it unique again make it stand out.

        • tna24 says:

          lol the women do not need to go down to ovw, what for you dont take vets like gail and tara and you send them to the little league that would in the end piss them off. they are vets in the game that earn their tv time. women wrestling it already at a down point, taking it off i think wont help at all, im telling you taking it off will not please the fans at all.

  3. dcxboxx says:

    ya true i think joe def should have lost to someone, but angle was so huge of a star at that time, they should have had joe beat him, someone else could have beaten joe after hell could have done in the very next tv show for tna, and have someone debut beating him, angle couldnt beat joe but this guy, This guy, this new guy did it like holy shit someone beat him and we didnt see it coming. other guy doesnt need to build a "streak" though, now you have joe legit main event and someone else in that area now with angle sting and christian at that time although i never bought christian as a main eventer

    • tnadude says:

      Somebody had to beat Joe, and Kurt was the huge star. If he'd lost to someone less, you'd complain that he had this great run and even beat Kurt Angle, and then the next night, they jobbed him.

      Besides, Joe is a good talent. No question there. But he's not top 5 in the company either, and he's not Kurt Angle. So it worked out.

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