Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 13, 2014
Concern Over TNA’s Deal With Spike TV – Details

Concern Over TNA’s Deal With Spike TV – Details

There continues to be a lot of concern in TNA about the company’s future with Spike TV. There are a lot of people that believe the upcoming Impact tapings from New York City will be “make or break” for the company.

United Talent Agency, which represents TNA in their TV negotiations, will be shopping Impact Wrestling around to other networks before deciding on staying with Spike TV – if that’s even an option at this point.

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  1. JoeWrestling says:

    I'm not ever sure of the point of this. Of course they are negotiating contracts, of course they are checking their options. Of course they are getting costs in line so they can agree to a low bid if need be cause they need television. What is "a lot of people"? Who are these people and why would NYC make or break the company. If it's that bad they might as well fold because there is almost no chance that going to NYC is going to suddenly turn everything around for TNA. It's not much different than going on the UK tour. It will spike the ratings up some but within the same usual range. I suppose this is all some theory that Spike TV executives will be won over by the NYC shows and then the money will pour in. I seriously down the financial people at Spike will open up more money than they plan, especially considering they have the Bellator and Glory properties to promote in their mind.

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