Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 9, 2013
Could AJ Styles Return To ROH?, Details Inside

Could AJ Styles Return To ROH?, Details Inside

As noted earlier, AJ Styles is not only accepting independent wrestling bookings in 2014, but is looking for regular bookings in the first quarter of 2014. According to reports, the reason for this is that AJ Styles will be officially parting ways with TNA next week. AJ has already reached out to ROH regarding a return if WWE isn’t interested. In the past, WWE hasn’t been interested in Styles. We’re told AJ is open to all indy bookings at this point. As you can imagine, numerous promotions are interested in him.

We’re told Styles will NOT be appearing at ROH Final Battle in New York City as the show takes place this Saturday, December 14th. At that time, he’s still under contract with TNA.

The current contract that Styles is under with TNA right now is set to expire on December 16th. As of December 17th, AJ Styles will officially be a free agent and can work anywhere he wants.

We will have more details on this story on Monday morning.

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17 Responses to “Could AJ Styles Return To ROH?, Details Inside”

  1. andy3323 says:

    If he is indeed gone, I wonder how much has to do with him being 36 years old and if he was asking for the moon and then some to return. Really sucks if he is really gone, the only way TNA could justify this is to turn around and bring on some younger talent that can be main eventers at some point in the near future.

    And I say that about his age only because most athletes start slowing down considerably once the 30's hit. Not many guys in the NBA get big deals beyond 35, unless your name ends with Duncan, Bryant, Jordan, etc. Sames with football, not many guys play far into their 30's. A guy like AJ takes a LOT of bumps over the years, then again, some guys can last well past 35 years old. It'd be interesting to know what type of money he was seeking, if it was something that would prevent TNA from being able to re-sign a number of upcoming free agents or bring on young guys/

  2. UCEAD11 says:

    TNA is probably trying to go Global where they have wrestlers from different countries joining the show that are younger.

  3. tna24 says:

    big names come and go it will suck to lose AJ, but tna and us fans will have to move on and enjoy the show without him.

  4. Tna4life says:

    I for one think that this could be a WORK!!!!

  5. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    If this is true, I hope to see AJ in Ring of Honor.

  6. Peckar says:

    This better be a bloody good angle. Why would you have him take the belt on tour if it was not a work? We are being played.

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      I hope so.
      It's also possible that those were the terms of his contract extension he signed with TNA earlier this year

    • OldManEaston says:

      Why was Hogan allowed to walk out of TNA while basically making Dixie Carter look like a complete idiot, which did nothing to further her storyline character being a manipulative b*tch boss? Obviously creative control played some part in that, but still there are ways to accommodate creative control without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      If it is a work, it is very short sighted and low brow work by TNA and AJ Styles. I am leaning that it not. I have a personal source that I will not reveal, that confirmed that AJ is indeed looking for bookings outside of TNA in 2014. Given that AJ has never had a reputation of being the type of wrestler who does this sort of work on promoters, like some less scrupulous wrestlers do, and instead has always been very professional with his commitments, I don't believe it to be the case until I see it happen.

      I think what is more likely, is that TNA made the shortsighted decision to put the title on him, and they have not been able to come to a long term agreement yet. I think it is very likely they will still try to come to an agreement and if they can work it out, he will come back sometime later in 2014 after he honors his dates. Unless of course, he gets a better offer from an outside company like ROH (which is not likely), a company like one of the Japanese Wrestling promotions, or maybe an outside shot at WWE.

  7. Nate says:

    You cannot have a House without a foundation! Its a shame! I am sure Angle is making more and Styles has been in TNA thru thick and thin! Styles deserves to be taken care of thru earning it over 11 solid years of service!

  8. mark says:

    He should goto championship wrestling from Hollywood

  9. 02Roadking says:

    I would like to tow the party line and say how AJ is the face of TNA and how stupid they are to let him go but, in reality, I really just don't care as I haven't missed him in action at all….

  10. fritiz1 says:

    If a deal with ROH happens their first event after AJ's contract expires would be at the Nashville fairgrounds, the former TNA Asylum. That would get AJ a huge reaction if a deal could be done in time. Also with the way both companies are filming their tv, he would make his last TV appearance with TNA January 2nd and be on ROH tv the next week.

  11. Buseye says:

    Congratulations TNA,you blew it again.

  12. Thefreak731 says:

    What better way to spark this AJ leaving with the belt storyline, than to make it public like a real news source across the web. Maybe TNA and RoH have linked some deal, example showing AJ wrestling in RoH with his gimmick clips on the show. Who knows? But, I think this is part of their new stuff about showing the lives of their wrestlers. Realistic storylines

    • mb113 says:

      TNA went full out with the A.J. story line, I think he is under a new contract. Back in the day, TNA and ROH did exchange talent. So that could be realistic.

  13. Ajutony1217 says:

    That's messed up if they let him go. He has been there so long they should sign him back just for being at that place for so long . I be glad when they go out of business.

  14. gar2233 says:

    I hope aj is coming back soon.
    I cant believe he is gone for good.
    Dixie what is wrong with u wanting to get rid of aj styles .
    Dixie carter u blew it.

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