Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 13, 2012
D’Angelo Dinero Rips Marty Jannetty Over Chairshot

D’Angelo Dinero Rips Marty Jannetty Over Chairshot

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero posted a lengthy statement on his Facebook account concerning Marty Jannetty’s chairshot to Balls Mahoney during a match at Friday’s Pro Wrestling Syndicate Super Card 2012 event in Rahway, New Jersey.

He wrote, “Recently as many of you know, Pope has taken a weebit of a break ‘if you will’ from the social networks as it’s often needed from time to time so that one may not become consumed by such. I mean, we’re talking about a “god” that literally controls much of the world. If people were as committed to Christ/God, faith, religion (whateva that betters you as an individual for the overall purpose of spreading love) as much as one is to posting on FB/Twitter and other social media outlets every 5-10 min, then this world would mos definitely be a better place! *sigh* ~PHS

“Now on to business; Pope recently received word from a source that a dear long time friend of Pope’s was recently assaulted in a vicious manner. It didn’t bother me at first cause Pope knows that his friend could handle himself in whatever the situation may be. Pope wasn’t sold on whether or not to believe what he was being told, until my source eventually forwarded Pope some footage that supported his claim, and I must say that what I saw was ABSOLUTELY DISTURBING!!! SO Disturbing that Pope must take a stand, and call someone out on their unprofessional conduct: MARTY JANETTY, POPE’S CALLING YOU OUT!!!!

“HOW DARE YOU…..HOW DARE YOU assault good ole Ballsy Mahoney with a chair shot like that. I mean, this guy left his little Balls at home to come entertain his fans, and I’m sure he wants to return to his little Balls in the same fashion in which he left; but what did you do??? You tried to cripple him!!! You tried to take him out with the “Chair Shot Hear Around New Jersey!” Listen, I’ve wrestled Good Ole Ballsy for over a year straight and yea, I’ve body slammed him while he was approaching the 400lb mark with a bad rib and tearing my lats in the process, and yea, sure I’ve hit him so hard in his nose with the 4-UP uppercut that I fractured his tonsil…And yea, sure I hit him with the Elijah Express while he was facing Pope frontwards in the corner and knocked out 1 of his final remaining 3 toofs…But it was all part of a bigger story! But let me assure you that Pope would’ve never……EVAHHHHH, stooped to such a low that I would attempt career homicide the way YOU DID MR. JANETTY! But as the old adage goes,”What don’t kill you only makes you stronger” and Im sure that was and will be the case of my good friend Ballsy (who in the best shape of his career) amazingly was able to remain professional, gut it out, and finish the match with what lil sense he has left in his lil noggin when he entered that the building….let alone after the chair shot. THIS only goes to show you the resilience and strength of my long time friend Ballsy Mahoney, who even after the “CSHANJ” while vehemently convulsing and vomiting on front row spectators (and book-bag), he was still able and willing to pull off a heartfelt promo following the shocking encounter.

“It is at this time that Pope wish to take a stand, and Pope’s encouraging anyone who reads this to take a stand with me. While I believe that there is indeed a place in this business for Chairshots, Pope also believes that there’s a place in this business for Chairshots delivered by individuals who can throw around the steel in a safe and cautious manner, in such a way as to not cause physical trauma to an individual who by all means appear to have been on top of his game and in the best shape of his career… a career that appears now to be in question.

“Join the “BAN MARTY CHAIRNETTY” campaign by Liking~ PHS.”

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9 Responses to “D’Angelo Dinero Rips Marty Jannetty Over Chairshot”

  1. hangers says:

    Is this a work or is he serious?

  2. tna24 says:

    im sorry but from reading i thought the dude like hit him a few times. but come on dude it was one shot. i seen people get hit worst then that. dude need to cheer up. i see that balls throw up for other reason not the chair shot

    • Bigmike885 says:

      Tell you what..I'll hit you with a steel chair as had as i can and see how you react. There's no training for that, it doesnt matter how many times theyve been hit, one wrong shot and you're f'd..

      • tna24 says:

        come on i seen people get hit like that and never threw up. there something else to this. it cant be from one hit or everyone would throw up.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          While i'm not saying that something else might be up, but i have seen people throw up (or pass out, or get seriously hurt) from getting hit wrong (or way to hard) with a chair. There's a reason that most wreslters dont have a problem with WWE's policy of not doing shots. They're pointless and can seriously hurt people for no reason.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      Balls threw up because he was gassed which says a lot considering the match wasn't even that physical. There is nothing more sad to me than seeing these old used up guys still have to go out there and make a mockery of themselves to make a living. It is truly sad. The dark side of professional wrestling.

  3. TommyBallbuster says:

    you would think this match was back in 1988

  4. KeizerGodzilla says:

    How come nobody bitched when Raven kicked Shane Douglas so hard in the balls he puked in the ring? Don't believe me look up their Hair vs Hair match in TNA

  5. nobalkain says:

    I think I see a little bit of why Punk hates Pope. Its a chair shot. These guys know the risks and accept them. Looks like Pope isn't a true wrestler.

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