Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 10, 2013
Devon Discusses Life After TNA & Future Plans

Devon Discusses Life After TNA & Future Plans


Devon recently spoke about life after TNA and more. Here are the highlights…

On Life After TNA: “I’m going to Disney World!” Devon cracked. “Actually, I am going to spend more time with the family. I am not done with wrestling. I still have the Team 3D Academy in Kissimmee training wrestlers. There is still a lot for me to do, but I am going to relax a while and enjoy some time off. I will be able to train more and get in the best shape of my life, and then focus on what is next. Only God knows what he has planned for me and where I am heading; I am just his co-pilot.”

On The Reverend Devon Character: “Some might think I regret the Reverend D-Von character in the WWE, but I actually liked it. I think that was just a case where Paul Heyman and I just saw the character very differently. He is a genius and he would write these scripts for me that I didn’t feel were right for the character. If you don’t feel “it,” it is not going to work. It worked for awhile, but we were on two different pages. Paul created the Dudley Boyz and gave us our start, and I love that guy dearly, we just didn’t agree on the Reverend D-Von character. We bounced back after that character and went on to win championships, so it is all good.”

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18 Responses to “Devon Discusses Life After TNA & Future Plans”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    The association with God is so laughable. Just sit down and wait for a sign, if you're so sure it's going to come to you.

    • jbcissom says:

      I love how typical snobbish atheists (there are those who are not snobbish) don't seem to understand the difference between "freedom of religion" and "freedom from religion". Always want believers to prove their religion is "true"/exists, yet no way possible for them to disprove it. People want to act in "absolutes" and yet they fail to understand that for something to be absolute, they must not only prove "x", but disprove all other notions.

      • soyfenomenal says:

        You realize the burden of proof should not and really can not be shifted to the nonbeliever, right?
        In a courtroom, you have to prove your case.
        Think of George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin.
        The defense for Zimmerman couldn't prove what happened even if they tried.
        The burden of proof was on the prosecution, the ones pressing charges, not the defense, the ones that say "that didn't happen that way."
        So believers are the ones with no proof for their case, and should be dismissed as such.

      • Leg Drop Jobber says:

        Atheists don't seem to understand that Atheism is religion. Not believing in God consumes them and they are even more annoying than all of you bible bashing lunatics.

        Here is one notion I'd like all of you kooks to disprove. I DON'T CARE.

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    they deleted my reply because it's too much truth for them.

    • Vampirofan says:

      They deleted your post because you're a childish idiot. No other reason.

    • tnadude says:

      I've tried to post on the Gunner thread 3 times today and it was immediately deleted. Other threads are working for me.

      So don't take it personally. I honestly think there's a system glitch…

    • TheMiwyun says:

      i disliked your comment

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Truth doesn't fucking matter. Only to meth addicts and "Bad Girls Club" participants.

      " I SPEAK DAH TROOF." The truth according to who? You? Your momma and baby daddy? The TRUTH doesn't mean SH!T.

  3. HolsG says:

    Roughly translated to:
    I'll be back at BFG

    If he's linked with budget cuts, i think i'd have got rid of Wes or Garett over splitting up the dudleyz/3d

    • jbcissom says:

      Team 3D is done. There is basically nothing left for them to do except "headline" WM. And they've already practically stolen the show at WM before, so it's not as big a deal. Devon has a family, and he's giving back by doing the school. Me personally, I would rather him do that than be stuck in A&8.

  4. TheMiwyun says:

    There is only one god in my life. Folberger nut

  5. soyfenomenal says:


    • annil8or4321 says:

      does it really matter what someone believes, every religion is basically the same whether it be allah or a flying spaghetti monster

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