Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 26, 2013
Devon’s Latest Tweet, TNA Slammiversary PPV Tix

Devon’s Latest Tweet, TNA Slammiversary PPV Tix

— Tickets go on sale this Friday on TNA’s upcoming Slammiversary PPV at the Agganis Arena on the campus of Boston University on Sunday, June 2. You can find more information here.

— Devon tweeted a photo on Monday showing that Bully Ray was “definitely” a part of Aces & Eights before his wedding to Brooke Hogan. He wrote: “yeah,,,,…. so about that wedding bro? …lol” The photo shows Bully Ray alongside the rest of the Aces & Eights members.

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  1. TheRowdy1 says:

    Come on guys. If you're going to talk about a photo at least give a link if you aren't going to post the photo. Here's a link to photo: https://twitter****/TestifyDevon/status/316340944901378048/photo/1 (It's editing the dot com, so add it where the * are).

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