Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 4, 2014
Did Jesse Sorensen Consider Suing TNA?, Details

Did Jesse Sorensen Consider Suing TNA?, Details

On a recent appearance on the Chinlock Radio podcast, former TNA wrestler Jesse Sorensen said he had a meeting with lawyers on a possible lawsuit against TNA over the neck injury he sustained during the Against All Odds PPV in 2012.

During a conversation with then TNA Senior VP of Talent Relations and Programming, Bruce Prichard, Sorensen brought up the idea of filing the lawsuit. Three days later, Sorensen said he was on a phone call with Prichard, TNA President Dixie Carter, and TNA CFO Dean Broadhead, and they reportedly offered him a production job. So he ultimately did not end up filing the lawsuit.

Sorensen added that in hindsight, he should have filed the suit because he was told by his friends in TNA and WWE that TNA not covering his medical costs was “bullsh***.”

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6 Responses to “Did Jesse Sorensen Consider Suing TNA?, Details”

  1. THEwrestler says:

    During the incident, Jesse was only 22. At such an young age suing TNA would have only burnt bridges for him and made the chances of returning to a major wrestling company even more difficult. Ends and means and all that.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      The problem is that at the age of 22 his career was pretty much over due to his injuries. The fact that he was so seriously hurt and TNA was unwilling to at least over his medical expenses was just absurd. I doubt any major promotion would've looked down on him for taking that route, especially considering TNA has a very long reputation of refusing to pay medical bills when their wrestlers become seriously hurt.

  2. fritiz1 says:

    Sorensen still has the right to sue them for several years. Considering his wrestling career is pretty well over already, if he thinks he actually has a case, as an independent contractor who posted a picture of his contract stating he would assume any risk of injury he should step up and do it. It may be BS that they didn't help him better but that doesn't mean they did anything legally wrong.

  3. stockshark2 says:

    He comes off as whiny lil bitatch to me! Jesse your not the first wrestler to get injured not even the worst injured wrestler either imagine if Stone Cold sued the WWE when he got injured by Owen Hart we would have missed out on the Stone Cold era Thank goddness he did'nt but wrestler's back then were real men not whiny lil bitaches like they are now.

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