Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 17, 2013
Dixie Carter: ‘Magnus Could Be The Future Of TNA’

Dixie Carter: ‘Magnus Could Be The Future Of TNA’

Credit: The UK Sun

Dixie Carter recently spoke about the future of TNA and the name Magnus came up. Here is what she had to say…

“Magnus could be the future of our company. He was only 21 when I signed him and I don’t think people realize that because he looked so much more mature than that. He’s really grown. He’s a fabulous talker and his in-ring work has come so far. He’s gorgeous and carries himself like a superstar. Magnus is the real deal.”

Do you agree with Dixie Carter’s above comments about Magnus? Let us know in the comments section below!

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20 Responses to “Dixie Carter: ‘Magnus Could Be The Future Of TNA’”

  1. UCEAD11 says:

    Jay Bradley, although a little green, that move the Boom stick is awesome. Reminds me a little of JBL. I think his theme song should be Here comes the Boom …ready or not. I think its by POD.

    • dcxboxx says:

      jay bradley i been a fan of his for a few years he comes off as a mix of mike awesome, and stan hansen.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      I like Jay Bradley with more practice with transitions, grappling and on the Mic I think he can be one of TNA Top Future stars!.

  2. Treck says:

    Stan Hansen is one of my alltime favorites! That horn sign and boo yell would not exist if not for Stan the lariat Hansen. Awesome to see him mentioned! Mike Awesome R.I.P had the right last name in wrestling. Awesome to hear about awesome. As for Bradley. I see stardom!

  3. Stunner says:

    Magnus hmmm as the WHC I would need to see more of him in a main even type match. However at the moment he comes across kinda wimpy in my opinion.


    Magnus is a great wrestler one of the best in TNA

  5. nonstopfan says:

    Magnus has a whole different swag to him ever since he made his come back in front of his home fans in the UK with his new theme. From that moment, the guy won me over. He just has that look. He is definitely a star on the rise.

    • OzzfactorDro says:

      Yeah, his star went son the rise when he and Joe just kinda molded into a great tag team. And yes, when he came out in England, it set him off. I really do think he could be a great star. Again, it depends on the storylines. If I were to watch wrestling exclusively for the matches, I might as well watch Bellator or UFC. But, I love a good storyline and that is what pro wrestling is missing today. Compelling, edgy, risque, in your face storylines with credible wrestlers fulfilling them. The whole biker gang thing is for the birds…

  6. Roid Master says:

    I would love to see them build Magnus into a no nonsense Chris Beniot type of champion. Not everyone has to be flamboyant.

  7. whatsup121 says:

    Jay Bradley is the JBL of TNA

  8. whatsup121 says:

    Given the right push magnus could be the Next AJ Styles in the next 5 years he could be the Heavy Weight Champ

  9. Captain N says:

    I suggest all of you who question if he can be a good WHC take a look at what he did last year in Ring Ka King….where he became champion !

  10. Philly_Cheese says:

    I don't think Magnus really has the ability to be a draw right now, while he has the in ring abilities, he lacks a good character and lacks on the mic. If he could seriously come up with some kind of gimmick, as he seems to have none what so ever right now, and improve on the mic a little then maybe.

  11. UCEAD11 says:

    They should have left Magnus stay the Gladiator Character he was. he is better suited for that instead of a mark to be taken out before each match. Dixie just likes seeing him. I think.

  12. tsoutheast says:

    Magnus has all the tools,but as long as STING and Hogan is there he'll continue to buried.

  13. annil8or4321 says:

    hes got some pretty good skill they just need to push him like they use to do jo

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