Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 31, 2014
Dixie Carter Makes A Big Mistake On Twitter – Oooops!

Dixie Carter Makes A Big Mistake On Twitter – Oooops!

Dixie Carter tweeted the following regarding The Wolves vs. The Hardy Boyz. She obviously screwed up referencing “#XDivision Tag Team

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Champs?”. Ooooops! “Who do YOU want to see as the #XDivision Tag Team Champs? @RichardsWesley and @TheEddieEdwards OR @MATTHARDYBRAND and @JEFFHARDYBRAND?”

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6 Responses to “Dixie Carter Makes A Big Mistake On Twitter – Oooops!”

  1. OldManEaston says:

    If I was under as much stress as she is under right now, I'd probably be twittering like a Scott Steiner promo.

  2. OzzfactorDro says:

    No doubt. I feel bad for her and the whole company. I guess all the TNA haters are finally getting what they've always wanted.

  3. HolsG says:

    It could just be a play on words with it being destination x

  4. VikingBlood says:

    It is a play of words. This site is stupid to not know that.

  5. Arodent78 says:

    I think it’s more of a big mistake that the screw-up who wrote this article calls it a “big mistake”.

  6. Bro says:

    awesome news copy and paste twitter now?

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