Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 27, 2013
Dixie Carter Now Doing DDP Yoga + Roberts/DDP News

Dixie Carter Now Doing DDP Yoga + Roberts/DDP News

– As noted earlier, TNA president Dixie Carter recently tweeted the following on her official Twitter page:

“Thanks all @IMPACTWRESTLING now has 300,000+ YouTube subscribers for nearly 1/2 BILLION video views! TNA’s an original YT partner since 2006″

Carter also tweeted this one:

“Just finished @DDPYoga. I have LOVED doing this and need to do it more. Promise you @DDP!!”

– As noted yesterday, Yahoo! Sports has a lengthy feature on WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Throughout the day, the story was trending worldwide on Yahoo. At one point, the story on Roberts was trending number one worldwide.

Roberts commented on the story trending worldwide, tweeting the following:

Im trending on @Yahoo! Would be more excited about it if i knew what the hell it meant . Is it Addictive? Can I do it while doing @DDPYoga

Diamond Dallas Page also posted a tweet about the story trending on Yahoo. DDP wrote:

STILL trending in the #1 spot on @yahoo!!! See for yourself “The resurrection of @JakeSnakeDDT”–the-snake–roberts-152019556.html … @jaybusbee

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