Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 4, 2013
Dixie Carter Responds To Fan Calling Her Stupid

Dixie Carter Responds To Fan Calling Her Stupid

As seen Thursday night on iMPACT! Wrestling Dixie Carter wanted Hulk Hogan to join “Team Dixie,” but the former iMPACT! General Manager told her, “I Quit,” and walked out. Following the show, Carter wrote on Twitter, “You are so fired @HulkHogan!!!”

The TNA Wrestling President continued to push her villainous side, as she corrected the grammar of a fan calling her “stupid.”

It’s just you darlin! And it is DOESN’T. RT @AboutThatLife_1: Is it just me or is @TNADixie stupid and don’t know a thing about business.

Of course, she’s now playing up her heel gimmick on Twitter and this is an example of that.

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