Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 28, 2014
Dixie Carter: ‘TNA & SpikeTV Negotiations Still Ongoing’

Dixie Carter: ‘TNA & SpikeTV Negotiations Still Ongoing’

UPDATE: According to sources, when asked for a comment on the story, a Viacom (the parent company of SpikeTV) representative stated the following…

“Per Viacom company policy – we don’t comment on ongoing negotiations.”

ORIGINAL: Following the news that Spike TV is not renewing TNA’s TV deal in October, Dixie Carter and TNA’s Bob Ryder posted the following on Twitter today…

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12 Responses to “Dixie Carter: ‘TNA & SpikeTV Negotiations Still Ongoing’”

  1. A_Double says:

    Could this be a work?

  2. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    This is why you stay away from Internet rumors.

    Until something is said on their site, just wait.

  3. Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

    btw we know for sure that spike didnt liked the idea of displaying men vs women and they did it anyway , which makes me they know what to do,at the end of the day this is the company that invented weekly ppvs

  4. Matt says:

    Here’s an idea for all TNA fans on here. E-mail Spike and let them know you are not pleased with this potential decision. Hold some leverage above them. I bought the Bellator PPV, but will not support them financially in the future if the cancel Impact. Additionally, if Impact goes elsewhere, so will I.

    Here is their e-mail:

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Can send the email, but I am sure Spike is aware fans will be displeased. I suppose if they felt it hurt them they could change their mind down the road but I can't imagine any executive ever admitting a mistake. They won't even look back.

  5. paidenthusiast says:

    I find it kind of crazy if the rumors were true. Isn't TNA Impact the highest rated tv program on Spike tv? Outside of Impact there's nothing really worth watching on that channel except for maybe Bellator and Ink Master. Spike would be fools to drop TNA especially since it's their main attraction at the moment

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      That's why many are speculating that its a huge rumor to draw attention, which its doing pretty successfully. The fact that Viacom is saying that they're in ongoing negotiations, and absolutely no one involved in the negotiations is saying that SpikeTV is dropping them, makes me believe it's a rumor. It's also very possible that Viacom wants to move TNA to one of their other channels.

  6. Philly_Cheese says:

    This may explain why Jarret decided to jump ship and start his own promotion, and why Kurt has been talking about going back to WWE. Looking back it seems like many saw the signs of a sinking ship and are deciding to bail instead of going down with it.

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