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D’Lo Brown On TNA vs. WWE, Bischoff/Hogan/TNA, More

D’Lo Brown On TNA vs. WWE, Bischoff/Hogan/TNA, More

D’Lo Brown recently appeared on In The Room, here are the highlights…

On The Nation of Domination Being “Short-Changed” as a Stable: I totally believe The Nation was short-changed. I believe that a successful group, a successful stable … first of all you put guys there who need help getting over, and then once they get over you kind of split them up and see what they can do. Instantly we were put together, [and] our group exploded. When Rocky and Mark Henry came in, it exploded. If you look at the careers of the members afterwards … we all became better for being in that group. To me, that is the benchmark of what a stable is supposed to be. Every guy comes out of it better. And I’m sorry, [but] we’re right there with some of the great groups in the history of this business. I’d put The Nation up next to anybody, anywhere, and say “Here’s what we did. What did you do?” … The Nation [also] did tons for African Americans. [Before] we were either Birdmen or we were pimps. Finally there was a group of black men who were just normal characters. We weren’t Jamaican. We weren’t bank robbers. We weren’t Men on a Mission. We were real, bonafide characters, not caricatures.

On TNA Trying to Compete with WWE: When [Hulk] Hogan and [Eric] Bischoff came in, there was also that sense of feeling that we could do something. And it just never really materialized like I envisioned it would … There was a sense of momentum, it was an excitement, it was a euphoria that was running through the locker room. We’re going to go live, we’re moving from Thursday, we’re going to jump on Monday, and we’re going to attack the bear. And by us jumping back to Thursday about a month later that let everyone know that the bear kicked our ass. That was very, very deflating.

On Joining the WWF as The Attitude Era Took Off: I consider myself extremely lucky. I got there and [WWF was] right in the midst of 80 consecutive weeks of losing to WCW on the Monday Night Wars, and morale was pretty low. I was happy to be there. I was just in Puerto Rico like a week before and now I’m on Shotgun Saturday Night, and I was happy as hell [at] this place I always wanted to be. But the rest of the locker room was a little down. And then all of a sudden it started … you could just feel a difference. We used to have this thing called “The Tarp Monster.” If you’ve ever been a TV taping you know the tarp that goes over the upper level, the upper bowl, of the arena that kind of blocks that off so people can’t sit up there. We called that The Tarp Monster and it was the most amazing thing because The Tarp Monster would eat seats … every week you watched that tarp go back another section … You know when you’re getting on a roller coaster and you’re going uphill and it’s going really slow …? You kind of know that on the other side of that precipice something crazy is going to happen. That was the three or four months leading to the big break where we jumped over that hump.

On How Wrestlers’ Appearances and Styles’ Have Changed Over the Years: Guys like Harley Race and Pedro Morales, compared to today’s standards, wouldn’t get jobs. But back then it was a different time in the business where all people wanted to see was the big, burly, brawling-type guy. It was the guy you wanted to see sitting at the end of the bar who would punch you in the face. And that was the definition of what a tough guy was. So it was a whole different body type that was in the late ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s as compared to now where everyone is cut like Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be. It was a different time in the business … What passed as a great match in 1975 and 1980, some of these great five-star matches, could not compare to something that goes on today in the ring.

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5 Responses to “D’Lo Brown On TNA vs. WWE, Bischoff/Hogan/TNA, More”

  1. tnadude says:

    Errr… Is D'Lo high or something?

    The two greatest factions are the nWo and the Horsemen. Argue for whichever you want, but those are the top two. After them, it's all down hill.

    The NOD? Not part of the conversation. LOL!

  2. 2blackbelts says:

    As much as i like D;Lo, I do feel he is wrong regarding the generation wrestlers such as Harley Race. He would also be grouping in the Funks, Bruiser Brody, and many others. I have seen some unreal matches with Race and Brody, or Terry Funk. No goofy characters, just two men wrestling and beating the crap out of each other. I guarantee, there are few wrestlers in the WWE who would want to do a shoot with Harley Race or Bruiser Brody in their day. Simply stated, these men would legitimatlly hurt, and hurt badly, any current WWE wrestler. The Wyatts, Cena, none of them would stand a chance in a shoot.

    I knew Brody, and I know Harley Race. These were two very tough hombres in the ring and real life, and I would have paid a high price to see them work today.

    2 bb

    • tnadude says:

      2bb – I'd be a lying fool if I didn't say that I agree with you whole-heartedly.

      But I think that D'Lo has a different opinion of what a 5* match is than we do. Rather than benchmarking on physicality, I think he's benchmarking on athleticism.

      He's basically saying that Harley Race would look slow against the likes of Rey Mysterio Jr. And to that end, he's right.

      Then again, we both know that Harley would snatch Mysterio out of the air and break him in half. And to that end, we're right too ;).

  3. 2blackbelts says:

    Thnx TNA dude…

    I have been in pro wrestling for years, and know alot of the veterans who are now in their 60's and 70's . There were atremendous amount of incredibly athletic wresters even in that day who could work with the best. High flyers, great cardio, and fabulous moves.

    Honestly, I want more wrestling and less "story telling". Even 40 years ago stories were told, but with alot of physicallity as well. Just less talk and more action. It's to the point where wrestling is secondary to the hoopla and showmanship.

    Harley, Bruiser Brody, Terry Funk, and hundreds more could talk the talk and walk the walk. Brody once told me….there are wrestlers who are real tough guys, and then there are wrestlers who act like tough guys".

  4. Beezy_Does_It says:

    Does this fool really think the nation of domination was better then NWO, DX or the four hourseman? I know wrestlers get hooked on drugs but D-lo must be hooked on all the drugs known to man kind. NOD sucked together. It jus so happened that everybody but D-Lo went on to greener pastures(Ron Simmons was already a star from his WCW days).

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