Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 24, 2013
D’Lo Brown Speaks On TNA Release, Dixie Carter, More

D’Lo Brown Speaks On TNA Release, Dixie Carter, More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with former TNA employee D’Lo Brown:

On his TNA release: “I guess it was just time for a change. We had talked earlier in the week about doing a new deal. The circumstances changed that following monday and got a call that following day saying we are going to part company. I was shocked you know and it came from left field but you just have to move on.”

“You deal with what live gives you and if you dwell on the past you are going to stay there. I thanked them for my time there. Told them i had 4 great years. Maybe we can work together again in the future but for right now we are just going to part ways.”

On if he feels TNA is a sinking ship: “I wouldn’t say it’s a sinking ship. I’d rather say they are going through growing pains. The large extent of taking impact on the road, that load is probably [inaudible] the company right now. It’s kind of like prunning a tree. You trim a tree down to it’s core and hopefully it will survive, grow and bloom. Hopefully a year later it will be bigger, stronger than ever. So to me it just seems like they are going through some growing pains. The restructuring is just a way of shoring up the ship.”

On releasing low-level talent instead of higher priced talent: “That’s the million dollar question. I wasn’t in the office on the talent side. That’s a good question to put out there. I’m not sure the answer. I don’t think anyone outside of the company on that side would be privy to that. There are times when you look at it and the decisions don’t make sense.”

“They are going to do what they need to do to strengthen the company. A lot of people will scratch their head and a lot of people will wonder and shake their head, question and build their own hypothesis and try to figure whats going on. At the end of the day, nobody in that company knows what’s really going to happen except those in charge of the finances.”

On the power structure in TNA: “Dixie is very hands on. There are execs that make some decisions but Dixie is the one that has the final say on the product. Dixie is very hands on I’ll give her that. She is right there in the trenches with every body else. Every time i was in the office, I would sit in her office or walked by her office and she is always on the phone handling business. She is right there working hard with every body else.”

On comparisons between Dixie Carter and Vince McMahon: “They both have their positives and negatives. They are both alike in many ways. They are both driven, they both want their companies to succeed, they are willing to do it at any cost. If anything i believe TNA promotes a more family friendly atmosphere for the talent. It’s not uncommon to have the boys backstage with their families at the house show or on tv. That kind of wasn’t allowed with Vince.”

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5 Responses to “D’Lo Brown Speaks On TNA Release, Dixie Carter, More”

  1. jbcissom says:

    IMO, the only tragedy of these lay-offs has been D-Lo Brown. Dude is straight up a professional and a class act.

  2. andy3323 says:

    One step back, two steps forward is what it sounds like.

    Hey, the company I work for has done that. Tough economic times, still, we have been understaffed for a while now and it's been hard on everyone, but now we are about to bring in five new people and it'll be a big step in the right direction. It's just how business works.

    I must say I miss the days of when I was a kid, watching wrestling on tv, no internet reports existed, and all was good because I didn't read about the economics and politics of wrestling, didn't need to and didn't care and it made it so much more enjoyable. It all still existed, of course, but I didn't know about ratings and such, just enjoyed a good time watching wrestling, pure and simple!

  3. TFnatureboyfig4 says:

    It's kind-of nice to read about someone in his situation taking the high road and NOT trashing a former employer. It sucks for him, losing his job, but with an attitude like that, he's bound to be back on his feet soon.

  4. Steven kelly says:

    Again i say testify

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