Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 4, 2014
Does JR Expect Kurt Angle To Return To WWE?, Flair/WWE

Does JR Expect Kurt Angle To Return To WWE?, Flair/WWE

Partial Source: Pwinsider

— When asked by a fan on Twitter if he thought Kurt Angle would return to WWE, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross simply responded with Yes.

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has an offer on the table for former TNA Superstar Ric Flair to come back and appear on WWE television on a more frequent basis, but that Flair needs to “dot his I’s, cross his T’s and get his house in order.” While it’s not exactly clear what that refers to, most assume it means Flair needs to tie up some loose ends in his personal life before becoming a regular on WWE programming again. It’s being said that if Flair does end up coming back on a regular basis, it’s likely that he’ll be involved with guys like Triple H and Randy Orton going forward.

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5 Responses to “Does JR Expect Kurt Angle To Return To WWE?, Flair/WWE”

  1. RealCreative says:

    Lets be real here…of course Kurt will end up back at WWE in the future…even if he doesn't perform he will be inducted in HOF 10000% no matter what.

  2. Sturk says:

    Kurt Angle seems out of place with TNA's current product. Impact Wrestling has a young party atmosphere with nice looking young guys and girls. I believe he needs to be repackaged somewhat. Not to much but maybe he needs to change from Cyborg back to more of a arrogant Olympic gold medalist that he was when he first got to TNA. He's stale in the fresh atmosphere of Impact

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