Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 17, 2013
Don West Rips TNA Wrestling – Details

Don West Rips TNA Wrestling – Details

Don West posted the following on Twitter last night…

Just got my biannual royalty check from TNA and if it wasn’t so hilarious it would be sad

A fan then asked if it was a “brown bag special,” which is a deal West put together for TNA that cost $20. His response was, “it is actually less than a brown bag special”.


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14 Responses to “Don West Rips TNA Wrestling – Details”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Ohh Don West…
    TNA should respond with:
    "You're welcome for your employment for a good decade. You should be thankful you get anything, as you don't work for us anymore. Anything you get after your departure should be considered a courtesy that you don't even deserve."

  2. brahbrah69 says:

    He was a useless deuchebag lol

  3. KGill28 says:

    I hated hearing that dude on the announce team, back in the day. He just sounded off.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      I'll admit that I enjoyed him on commentary EXPONENTIALLY more than I EVER have Taz. Taz is so horrible lol just brings the whole show down for me.

  4. RR_2012 says:

    Oh no, he isn't getting paid for a job after he left. I feel so bad for this guy, and by feel bad I mean I don't at all. He was the worlds most obnoxious commentator, one of the things that made me happy when I started watching wrestling again a few months back is that I wasn't hearing this guy anymore. Way too overdramatic, People can say what they want about Tazz, he isn't bad. He kinda overdoes the whole him being in aces & eights thing a little but anybody is better than this whining bitch. He should feel lucky TNA kept him for so long…

  5. TheMiwyun says:

    nvm don frickeen west wheres goldberg?

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    Don West was amazing as a HEEL commentator.
    I'd love to see him replace Taz.

  7. tnadude says:

    Someone PLEASE explain what TNA sells that Don West would get royalties for?

    I'm shocked he got anything!

  8. powerbomb says:

    i like him he is way better than taz

  9. Treck says:

    Who cares about Don West. He is a nobody now and like nobodies in wrestling past he wants to get on the dirt sheet bandwagon and crap on TNA.

  10. brahbrah69 says:

    idk why people like this guy he was AWFUL lol

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