Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 22, 2014
Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s + Hogan/WWE Update

Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s + Hogan/WWE Update

— Last night’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling drew 1.09 million viewers, down a huge 30% from last week’s 1.42 million. The number is the lowest for Impact since the November 28th (Thanksgiving) show drew 921,000.

The 18 – 49 demographic rating wasn’t available, but it was outside of the top 100 for cable shows and no higher than a 0.4. Last week it drew a 0.4 rating.

— As confirmed by WWE on Friday, Hulk Hogan will serve as the “host” of WrestleMania XXX, similar to how The Rock was at WrestleMania 27. As we’ve reported, WWE has determined that Hogan should not be involved in any sort of physical capacity following a medical evaluation.

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5 Responses to “Early TNA iMPACT! Rating #’s + Hogan/WWE Update”

  1. cjones770 says:

    The Duels were on (nascar). I Know that's what i watched.

  2. Lelouch says:

    Real shame. Ratings were looking really good this year aswell. Hopefully it's just a blip

  3. JoshuaTNA says:

    If your a TNA fan and you enjoy watching TNA then It shouldn't matter who else is and isn't watching.

    • 4Horseman says:

      Well yes and no. If the ratings aren't good, Spike will not renew their contract with TNA and we won't have anything to watch. It's already at risk, since WWE is now shopping programming after not reaching a deal with NBCUniversal. Spike wants Smackdown. They could end up killing their deal with TNA, and none of us will be able to watch anything.

      • OldManEaston says:

        This is why I think it would have been smart for the Carters to dump TNA when they had the chance and not add on ridiculous stipulations like Dixie Carter must remain with the company. They should have let Jarrett deal with the headache, like Fritz Von Erich did to his dad over 20 years ago. If WWE want's Spike, they will get it. There is no way that Spike will settle for an inferior product if they don't have to (Yes TNA is an inferior product as much as most people on here would hate to admit it.) The numbers don't lie. WWE sells a product that most people prefer and it doesn't matter that TNA fans believe TNA has the superior selling product. Perception is reality in business. I am personally not convinced that WWE wants Spike tv yet though, even now that they can go into open negotiation. I still believe they are playing hardball, but if Spike TV wants to throw a ton of money at them, they would be foolish not to at least use it to their advantage.

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