Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 15, 2012
Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A ‘Sad, Bitter Person’, & More

Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A ‘Sad, Bitter Person’, & More

Eric Bischoff, who once considered Bret Hart a friend, now views “The Hitman” in a negative light. When asked for comment on the legendary wrestler on Twitter, he responded, “Another sad, bitter person. Too many of them in this business.”

Bischoff made similar comments two years ago during an interview with Monday Night Mayhem shortly after Hart railed the TNA Wrestling executive producer and Hulk Hogan via Twitter: “I feel sad for Bret, because Bret is one of those people, and there are a lot of them, he’s the type of person that needs someone to hate in order to feel significant himself.”

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12 Responses to “Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A ‘Sad, Bitter Person’, & More”

  1. rawuncutnxrated says:

    That's pretty true about Bret.

  2. JeffandJoker says:

    Hello Everyone,

    If it was just one wrestler that didn't like Eric Bischoff, I might not think anything of it. I would think maybe it was just a clash of two people.

    BUT. . . . . You have Scott Steiner, Bret Hart, The Warrior, Ric Flair ( At One Point ) and so many others. How can it be everyone else, IT must be a problem with Bischoff !!!!!

  3. Nova_numb says:

    To be fair Scott has problems with everyone in TNA, that he had no problems with when he was working. The Warrior is a psychopath, and Ric will go anywhere there is someone with cash for him. I agree that it isn't just Bret that dislikes Eric, and probably for good reason. However Bret is clearly a bitter human being these days and I think it stems from the fact that his career ended in WCW. But Bret has sold out several times since then for Vince and the WWE. I think he would do the same for TNA if the paycheck was there. That's just the nature of the beast in the business.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      What do you mean "sold out"…when the guy's life (both profesional and personal) has gone to shit, maybe he wanted some clousre. He went to WWE, burried the hatchet with Vince and Shawn, got to conclude the longest running angle in history (i know..the screwjob wasnt a angle, but it was a catlist for countless others). Its not like hes taking up air time or collecting a huge check for doing nothing (hogan) or pushing his son to the moon for no reason (bischoff). The guy has every right to be pissed at bischoff, he was brought into WCW on the heels of one of the most important nights in wrestling history, and was used as another stepping stool for hogan. He should have been made into the biggest star in the company and got nothing, and this is comming from someone who never really liked hart as is.

      • Nova_numb says:

        I use to be a huge Bret Hart fan , but whether you like it not he did sell out or if you want to phrase it nicely he took the money and ran. Sure he should have been used as a big star in WCW, but he wasn't and he left a place where he was used as a top star for a big payday. He went back to the WWE after all of his years of bashing what Vince did to him and his family because the payday was there. Sure he might have gotten some closure, but closure wasnt his sole reason and if you believe it was I got a bridge to sell you. I'm glad he took Vince's money, and I'm fine he went did the DVD release…But the WM debacle was stupid and it was blatantly obvious that he couldn't go anymore because of his health issues and should have just left it as an appearance and the DVD. He would do the same thing with Bischoff if the money was there. People do it every day and will still be doing it long after everyone posting on this site is long gone.

      • tnadude says:

        Problem in WCW was that he didn't connect with the fan base. They tried to get him over, and HH did his part TBH. Bret was viewed as a WWF guy for whatever reason and didn't want to wait (understandable as well). Still, no wrong-doing on the part of Ez E.

  4. locktite says:

    I obviously don't know Bischoff, but when I look at that smile, I think it would be very satifying to smack him in said smile.

  5. Big t mass says:

    Bret whines alot just watch his dvd he even complained his brother in law bulldog missed a few spots in there match back then dont get me wrong hes a hell if a talent but to picky

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