Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 26, 2013
Eric Bischoff Reacts To SoCal Val’s TNA Release

Eric Bischoff Reacts To SoCal Val’s TNA Release

TNA executive Eric Bischoff posted the following on Twitter, commenting on SoCal Val’s TNA departure…

Going to miss So Cal Val. She is one of the most positive people I have had the pleasure of working with. Always has a smile on her face.
— Eric Bischoff (@EBischoff) August 26, 2013

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12 Responses to “Eric Bischoff Reacts To SoCal Val’s TNA Release”

  1. TheMiwyun says:

    BOW DOW iw. THat is all.

  2. nicholal79 says:

    TNA is getting rid of too many of their most dedicated employees!

    • Sturk says:

      Time to make a change!! Dedicated don't move the needle. This stick with "home grown" talent idea has run it's course. I'm a guy who watched TNA from its very first show and I love all the original talent. But at the end of the day, they're the old guard now. It's time for them to bring it young talent and build the new guard. Can't create a "good ol boys" network with the originals blocking the young talent .

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        While I don't think socal should have been cut considering her background work in tna. Tna need to build new stars the old guys are getting in their mid to late 30 now and they're gonna need to have some people ready for the next era of tna. With that said they need to use old stars to help put the newer ones over.

      • JoeWrestling says:

        Obviously they need to keep their main "stars" otherwise they'd have no brand, but all these bit players who add nothing can certainly go, and bring in some fresh faces. You never know who the audience will catch on to, and you never will if you don't mix it up. Using an on-air person for 10 years who didn't draw anything is pointless. Give someone else a shot.

  3. RavenNevermore says:

    What does she do anyways? Just sits there and sometimes does interviews. A waste of money gone

    • nicholal79 says:

      She did a lot of the backstage crap!

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      she backstage interviews, ring announcing valet among other roles for the company.

      at times they could just use her where they needed her. it could well happen in the future that borash and christy have for some reasons issues with making a show either house or tv taping.

  4. Darkelzallon says:

    Seriously, is So Cal Val left because she wants to leave or is it part of the budget cut? I need to ask this because I seriously doubt it's part of the budget cut.

    If she has some kinds of a plan and she decided to part way with TNA then I don't see why she wouldn't leave.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      how it is in tna i think is the contracts for talents are fairly short for most talent they are on 1 year deals. if they re-sign with the company its going to be somewhere maybe 2 years at most. most of the top talent are on longer contracts or have been in the past such as aries, hardy, angle and aj styles previous deal was 4 years.

      but most of the other talents are signed on 1 year contracts and they usually get renewed in the case of a talent like robbie e or for the previous 8 years so cal val. if the talent in the ring dont see ring time quick enough eventually from 1 side or the other the contract has expired and 1 of the parties doesnt want to renew or they just cant agree on renewing. such as like with sarita/rosita/the pope.

      with so cal val if the company genuinely thinks they can manage with her due to others taking her role then i assume her contract was up for renewal again but the company decided not to go for it.

      • Darkelzallon says:

        Well she didn't mention anything about her contract, so it's either her intention like Don West or her contract was up and they couldn't get any new deal for her.

        All is possible but still budget cut is not possible (in my point of view). Considering all of the stuff she did for the past 9 years, it just doesn't make sense.

  5. whatsup121 says:

    Now if only we can get Hogan to make a deal like Bishoff did , if I lose i'll not apear on impact anymore

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