Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 13, 2014
Eric Bischoff Returns To Steve Austin’s Podcast

Eric Bischoff Returns To Steve Austin’s Podcast

The latest edition of Steve Austin’s “Steve Austin Show,” which features a Q&A with Eric Bischoff, is now available. The official description for the show reads as follows:

SASc – EP115 – Eric Bischoff Q&A

“You had questions for Eric Bischoff… and he had answers! Does he regret firing Steve Austin from WCW? Was Bret Hart really a good fit for WCW? Who’s Eric’s favorite wrestler? What are Eric’s thoughts on Bill Goldberg’s streak & how was he to deal with? Will Eric ever return to WWE in any capacity? Check out the Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff Q&A now!”

You can download the show right now at

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  1. NARDDAWG says:

    you couldn't even beat EZE

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