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Eric Bischoff Rips Bret Hart – Details Inside

Eric Bischoff Rips Bret Hart – Details Inside

Eric Bischoff appeared on Inside the Ropes Thursday night and discussed Bret Hart’s criticism of him and more. Check out the highlights:

On Bret’s WCW run: “I had spoken to and met Bret several times before he made the jump. I was obviously excited to have him but clearly Bret Hart was a very broken….and in my opinion still is, from the interviews I hear him do, a very sad, broken and bitter person. That was pretty evident when he first came over. He was a shadow or a shell of his former self. Wherever Bret was, the high point of his character, what I got was a kind of broken, sad shell of that and quite honestly I don’t think he’s ever come out of it.”

On Bret’s saying Bischoff “knows nothing about wrestling: “It’s not unusual for guys like Bret Hart, from that era….the only way they know how to get over is to get over at the expense of someone else. Bret Hart’s trying very hard to stay relevant. Unfortunately, he’s no longer relevant. He was a big star, he had a big name at one point, he was an important character in the history of the business but he’s not any longer and I’m sure that’s hard on him. I know myself how it feels to realize that your biggest and best days as a performer are behind you. I’m very comfortable with that, I’ve embraced it but it’s hard for a lot of guys who’ve never been anything other than performers. They have a hard time with that. It’s not easy getting older in the wrestling business, believe me, when you’re surrounded by younger and younger people who in many ways aren’t as over or as skilled or as popular as you may have been or still are now. But this business is a business that’s served by youth and change. And for someone like Bret, that manifests itself in his personality, lashing out at others. It’s funny, when he came to me he hated Vince McMahon, he hated everyone in the WWE from the office to half the roster. He didn’t have a good thing to say about any of the McMahons. Then when he got the opportunity to go back and work for them, he had to shift that. Then his hatred was for someone else like Bill Goldberg for giving him a concussion and now it’s for me and for Hulk, there’s no rhyme or reason for it and as far as his opinion of my value and what I’ve achieved in the wrestling business, I’ll let my body of work and success speak for itself.”

On his TNA future: “I really don’t plan on being in the wrestling business too much longer and I say that in a very grateful and positive way. This business has been great for me and my family. It’s been almost 30 years. I’m still shocked to this day. My goal now isn’t to accomplish anything professionally, because I’ve kind of been there, done that. My goal now and this is gonna sound kinda corny, I really like teaching. I like watching guys like Matt Connaway and Dave Lagana, watching them grow into new areas that they haven’t been able to get into before. Someday, hopefully, in the near future, I’m going to be able to walk away from this business and when I do, I want to be able to know that I was able to shape, in one way shape or form, guys who will carry on and be the future of the business.”

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27 Responses to “Eric Bischoff Rips Bret Hart – Details Inside”

  1. hangers says:

    In terms of relevance Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan's names can be thrown into the mix..

  2. Steven kelly says:

    Im probably gunna get thumbs down like i give a flying fuck but im kinda warming to bischoff he doesnt bullshit and dissemble or apportion blame like many reported here who bash him

  3. Pippin0490 says:

    I think Eric came across very well in that interview. Though I imagine it won't be easy reading for some fans of Mr. Hart.

  4. Russell F'n Wilson says:

    He’s the man!

  5. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Is Eric's TNA run winding down?

  6. AFCWIMBLEDON2 says:

    Bischoff and hogan will always be the reason wrestling got higher ratings ever, 96-99 Monday nitro was the best television show ever, but tna was the first time I watched wrestling for wrestling and not for story lines. Tna ain't the same since tazz came onboard, please sort out the knockout division not the crap you're serving up now Dixie, x division needs more focus and get rid tazz bring back don west. But well done tna of finally getting on the road, thanks for spending time in England and a big f you to all those silly idiots who watch that crappy kiddie wwe show, I haven't watched it since Vince said nWo was dead the prick. Rant over back to sleep

  7. godoftna says:

    While Bret may have been a "broken" man when he came into WCW, he was horribly booked from beginning to end. His character changed from face to heel to face and back to heel seemingly on a week to week basis. There was so much that WCW could have done with Hart and they dropped the ball entirely. It would have made great sense for WCW to have put Sting over Hogan clean at Starrcade 97, and then had Hogan and Hart feud after that. I also find it funny of Bischoff to talk about "older guys" wanting to remain in the spotlight when there are younger guys who may not be as "skilled or as popular as the older guys were". That pretty much sums up a big reason why WCW is no longer in business, because older guys like Hogan, Nash and company refused to step aside and let the young guys like Benoit, Booker T., Jericho, and Misterio move up the ladder. I'd say that the lesson here is that if you're an aging star you should step aside for the next generation before it gets too late, unless of course you're buddies with the boss and then the young guys can just piss off.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      Regarding bret harts booking you really can't book a person who doesn't want to be there and doesnt seem to be 100% because they aren't dependable

      • kevinroulette says:

        Well said , like Eric said he wasn't the same Bret . He waited to even jump over like two months or so I can't remember but it was awhile before he came . Would have been good if he came night after the screw job and cut promo on Vince .

        I was wcw fan and was glad they signed him but he never showed up to work hard for wcw . He can only blame himself. Like Vince said Bret screwed Bret

        • Cezar_TheScribe says:

          Vince screwed Bret. (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and many others helped screw Bret.)

          WCW didn't give Bret the push he deserved.

          • kevinroulette says:

            i use to think vince did screw him, but Bret didnt do what was right for the Biz . Vince couldnt have the wwf champ showing up in WCW and I was always a NWA/WCW fan. They pushed Bret but he was a shell of hes former self . he let Vince get to him and plus haveing ur brother die in the ring couldnt of help hes motivation. I think he half assed it in WCW . He couldnt cut a good promo and hes matchs where not great .

            I saw ur last post Goldburg was great for wcw what u mean they sholdnt have brought him in?
            plus bret was bigger than a tag team so wcw pushed him as a singles star.

          • Cezar_TheScribe says:

            Vince did not keep his word.

            Vince told Bret he could leave the company anyway he wanted.
            Vince lied.

            Goldberg was not great for wrestling. He never paid his dues to get the push he received and he was a terrible wrestler.

          • Mutter5 says:

            3x like

          • godoftna says:

            actually, Bret never would have shown up on WCW as the WWF champ. Plans were put into place to have Bret beat Shawn by DQ at Survivor Series, and then drop the belt in a fatal four way the following month right before he joined WCW. Bret has gone on record as saying that he told Vince he would drop the belt to anyone, anywhere so long as it wasn't in Canada. He even offered to vacate the belt the RAW after Survivor Series. In the end, Vince made his own plans.

          • kevinroulette says:

            yeah i saw wrestling with shadows . he wanted to just walk in and vacate belt. thats not really the same. im no wwf fan always a nwa uwf wcw now tna fan. i just think bret should of did what the boss said. if you didnt do what a boss said you be fired like i would. it was a whole screwed up thing. i use to like hart but ever since me sold out and went to wwe again i have no respect for him .

  8. Russell F'n Wilson says:

    Hmmm…godoftna. I thought Booker T was champ when WCW went under…’re probably right though.

    • godoftna says:

      Booker T was champ when WCW closed, but my point was that he should have gotten that shot at least 1-2 years earlier. Fans got tired of watching WCW because it was Hogan, Nash, and the NWO scrubs at the top for too long. They got bored of it but instead of WCW handing the ball to guys like Booker T and Benoit, they stubbornly stuck with the Hogans and Nashs. And while Booker T did end up winning the World title, it came after Bischoff was fired/quit WCW.

      • Russell F'n Wilson says:

        Ya sooooo did you actually watch WCW? Booker T won the title 3 times in the final 2 years of WCW……that would be your 1-2 years prior…what a tea bag! You should probably STFU.

        • godoftna says:

          Actually, I did watch WCW, probably a hell of a lot more than you did. Hell, I watched it BEFORE it was officially known as WCW, so bite my ass. And just so YOU know, while Booker T did win the belt 3 times, it was all in the final 6-7 months of the companies existence. I suggest you double check your history before acting like a little bitch.

  9. Cezar_TheScribe says:

    Bret should have been given a bigger push in WCW. Goldberg should have never been brought in.

    Bret Hart and Lance Storm would have been great as a tag team.

  10. FazeYNWA says:

    I honestly think Bret Hart is overrated.
    Good technical wrestler yes. Mic skills-no, charisma-no
    he didnt draw that great and when he was in the wwf as champ thats when Wcw wer no.1 and when he left thats when the wwf become dominant.
    if it wasnt for the screwjob i dont think he wouldve been in the spotlight as much.
    OK people have opinions but i dont know how some people call him as one of the greatest BUT disregard Sting!

  11. Russell F'n Wilson says:

    Goldberg was a beast in the ring! I’m sick of reading that he couldn’t wrestle or didn’t pay his dues. He was a badass that fucked people up in the ring and was more over than any of today’s wrestlers. I would love to see him in TNA!

  12. mfg420 says:

    I like to see you get in the ring with Goldberg n see just how much he sucks. . Fucken Bret hart a crybaby he needs to let go of the past already its OVER!!

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