Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 27, 2013
Eric Bischoff Tweets On The ‘#August1Warning’

Eric Bischoff Tweets On The ‘#August1Warning’

TNA’s Eric Bischoff recently posted the following tweet regarding the #August1Warning angle TNA started on their YouTube channel on Friday:

999 times out of a 1000, people making threats have no means to back them up: … via @youtube

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6 Responses to “Eric Bischoff Tweets On The ‘#August1Warning’”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    Weird EB barely comments and participates with storylines now a days, maybe he'll comeback to appear on TV again?

  2. andy3323 says:

    They could really use this to start a new 'attack' on TNA and the MEM as the Aces & 8s die off now that they are seemingly weaker and no longer hold any belts. MEM is a great stable to have, so they need to have more reasons to keep them around. As long as they are babyfaces, you'd have to rely on a heel group, one would think. It'd be a good shot in the arm.

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