Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 17, 2013
Eric Bischoff Tweets On The Releases Of DOC & Tara

Eric Bischoff Tweets On The Releases Of DOC & Tara

TNA executive producer Eric Bischoff tweeted the following regarding the releases of Drew “DOC” Hankinson and Lisa Marie Varon (Tara):

“Best of luck and much respect for Marie Varon. Marie is a positive, talented, powerful performer that I will miss. Kick ass girl!

“Nothing but respect for Drew Hankinson. Hoping to get to work with him some day in the future. Great ‘Big Man’ with a great work ethic.”

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13 Responses to “Eric Bischoff Tweets On The Releases Of DOC & Tara”

  1. showtime says:

    If they are so great then why release them. Dont get me wrong, Tara is to old and needed to go, but DOC was a part of a major storyline, they should have killed him off as a part of the storyline if they were letting him go.

    Glad to see them cutting dead weight but i will be interested in where they go from here

    • jflegler says:

      I am getting tired of people stating that Tara is too old. It is nonsense. She is no older than Kurt Angle and can still work the ring better than any of the 4 knockouts on the roster (with the exception of Gail Kim). It is a BS argument.

      If your excuse is to bring in younger, more attractive girls, then I guess it is more about a beauty pageant to you then wrestling anyway.

      • tnadude says:

        Dude – wrestling appeals to males. Most guys don't want to watch old or ugly chicks. Just look at the UFC and how they are building their female roster. It's the same thing.

        That said – much respect to Lisa Marie. She looks phenomenal for her age and is an incredible worker. But the fact is that her upside is in years past. And that's just the harsh reality.

        • Bigmike885 says:

          and yet..every one of us would LOVE to see Kong back…your argument is mute..

          • tnadude says:

            Kong's the exception to the rule and we both know it. One exception doesn't mute an argument about the design of an entire division. Good grief.

            Kong provides a character that is unique. Pitting her against Taryn Terrell would be both David v. Goliath and Beauty v. The Beast all rolled into one. So yeah, of course she adds a worthy dimension that is otherwise missing.

            Still though, it would make absolutely no sense to create a division based around wrestlers women cut from that cloth. It would never sell. Let me repeat myself – it would NEVER sell.

            BTW – Lei'D Tapa may be able to fit that role in a couple years as well. Still though – the exception.

        • soyfenomenal says:

          She's 42 you jack asses. old or ugly chicks? Christ, just go away. You speak as though you would refuse to fuck her. LOL yeah, right.

          • tnadude says:

            "That said – much respect to Lisa Marie. She looks phenomenal for her age and is an incredible worker. But the fact is that her upside is in years past."

            First, if you spent more time reading you'd find yourself spending less time writing needless insults. I never insulted her looks. In fact, I was quite complementary. There's a reason she's lasted as long in the business as she has.

            But the truth is – the HARSH truth is – my last sentence is accurate: "Her upside is in years past".

            Everyone on this site says TNA needs to get younger – NOT older. It's even more crucial in the KOs division.

          • jflegler says:

            You do make some solid points, and I agree that there is no need for Soy boy's insults; however, I also agree with Bigmike – sometimes you need that contrast to create conflict. Since I am a wrestling purist, I do not get the "hot girls only" mentality, although it is obviously out there in droves.

            Personally, If they want to pursue growth in the KO division, they should recruit the youth, but they could have still utilized Tara. They could use her heel gimmick to make an unstoppable force in the KO division. Then, she can work with the younger talent outside the ring and get a few potentials over in the ring.

          • tnadude says:

            Hmmm… Funny how sometimes we read our comments later and realize we kind of missed our own point? I must have in the middle of something when I wrote the post.

            I actually agree with everything you said. All of it. I am just putting on my Dixie Carter hat, and explaining why things happen the way they do. They can't center the division around her any more because her upside is in the past.

            I also agree that they could have had her put over more talent than just Tessmacher. But Dixie is probably looking at Gail Kim as someone who is younger and is doing an awesome job with Taryn Terrell (Taryn deserves a ton of credit, but let's not overlook Gail's work either). Gail is someone they can put the strap on for several more years, so they probably look at Tara as expendable.

            The interesting KO is Mickie. It will be interesting to see what they do with her. She's in a similar boat as Gail, but I don't see her putting over talent like Gail does. Mickie doesn't appear to get the same crowd reaction as she did a couple of years ago either…

            My guess here is that Dixie decided she couldn't keep all 3 because she needed younger girls. Tessmacher is also probably coming back soon, and is younger and cheaper and they didn't have a lot for Tara.

            Also, if you read my past comments, I'm a huge fan of ODB. She's not attractive either, but she hits home with males in her own, because well, she's one of us. I'd love to see her carry the strap and feud with a prissy Gail Kim.

            Like Kong though, she's the exception. For the KOs division to draw, they're either going to need a ton of momentum (nobody in TNA has this), or eye candy in each match. As much as we'd enjoy it, someone channel surfing probably wouldn't stop to see Kong v. ODB.

  2. Laker says:

    I will truly miss Tara

  3. Mr. Excitement says:

    I wish they kept Doc. Thought the storyline was going to develop with him feuding against Anderson. Would have been fun to see.

  4. piro4351 says:

    DOC will be missed..he had some Face Potential..

  5. tsoutheast says:

    I hate Bischoff don't trust nothing he says.

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