Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 23, 2013
Eric Young Speaks Out – Eating Octopus Brains, Fishing

Eric Young Speaks Out – Eating Octopus Brains, Fishing

TNA star Eric Young recently did an interview with to promote his fishing show. Here are some highlights:

Young on his love for fishing: “A lot of my childhood memories are about fishing with him [my father]. Him having a couple of adult beverages, me an orange soda, just enjoying the river. A lot of times we didn’t even catch anything.”

Young on eating octopus brains: “It doesn’t actually taste like much of anything. It kind of tastes like salt and rubber. It feels like a little macadamia nut. You bite down, they go white, and that’s that.”

Young on his longevity in wrestling: “I’m a durable person. I think I was created in a lab for pro wrestling. I have abnormally large bone structure.” As a toddler, he was afflicted with an immunodeficiency that killed off his white blood cells; having survived it, his blood is less susceptible to bruising and clotting. “Basically, I’m a really cheap version of Wolverine.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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