Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 27, 2013
‘Ethan’ Is Coming To TNA iMPACT! – Details

‘Ethan’ Is Coming To TNA iMPACT! – Details

TNA ran a video announcing simply, “Ethan Is Coming” during Thursday’s live edition of iMPACT! Wrestling on Spike TV.

Additionally, the official iMPACT! Wrestling Twitter account tweeted the following, which didn’t reveal much more about the upcoming addition to the TNA main roster: “#EthanIsComing.”

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22 Responses to “‘Ethan’ Is Coming To TNA iMPACT! – Details”

  1. YOUSUCKNow says:

    You guys are terrible!!!! Hope you didn't major in Journalism in college! Could he be Ethan? Props to TNA for promoting new people this week. Also hope this Kenny King, AA feud goes on longer!!! TV Title match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  2. Luchador says:

    I just hope its not an ex WWE guy

    • hangers says:


    • Philly_Cheese says:

      The two notable only wrestlers I could find that uses the name "Ethan" is a wrestler by the name of Ethan Levin, who's Israeli, and Ethan Page. Unfortunately Levin is an ex-WWE wrestler but was only working for FCW and for a very short period of time. His time in FCW was very short and was released back in 2011. There's also Ethan Page, who's worked a few matches for ROH (only two that I could find).

      Unless it's a wrestler going by a totally new name, then it would more than likely be Ethan Levin. The good thing is, Levin has the look and a half way usable gimmick. He basically has the same gimmick as Dibiase just jewish.

    • andy3323 says:

      So just because someone set foot in WWE automatically makes them someone you'd never want? Better get rid of Bully, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Tazz, Gail Kim, Jay Bradley, Chavo (ok, I wouldn't mind that…), Hardy, and Knux….however, that might put a bit of a dent in some storylines and the roster.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        My thoughts exactly… WWE has high taste in talent, and sometimes they were there simply because they're good wrestlers. Personally I hope it does turn out to be Ethan Levin, I seen a few videos of what he does and he seems pretty good.

  3. jflegler says:

    Ethan HD

  4. Tiffanydude says:

    Just by the announcement it looks like MVP, Looks but I highly doubt it.

  5. Buseye says:

    I hope that its not another disappointment like it was w/ "August1Warning" and,yeah,we saw how long that lasted.

  6. RatherBeAtNitro says:

    I'm racking my brains here trying to think of an MMA fighter with the name Ethan.

  7. Get_Carter says:

    I'd love to be excited but the last few "major acquisitions" that TNA has done have fallen flat (in my opinion). I'm not going to hold my breath on this one.

  8. Kyle says:

    I DON’T THINK…they will have yet ANOTHER MMA fighter join TNA they already brought in the rarely seen King Mo and this yr alone they brought in two(Rampage and Tito) with the latter being the major disappointment simply bc of them hyping it with the 1Augustwarning. I personally thought it was Adam Pearce but was disappointed like most only bc of how TNA was making this a huge deal when in reality..well you know. Anyways I don’t see it being an MMA fighter nor a former WWE star bc I feel if it were Morrisson, MVP etc they would debut without vignettes and make it a surprise. I agree with Jfleger the only name that I can think of would be Indy wrestler Ethan HD real name Ethan Diaz..Plus he wrote on his twitter acount something like “…..I am here by myself whistlin dixie” Dixie being the key word? Of course this could be a way to throw ppl off but really he is the only guy outside of TNA I can think of with the other idea being a current or former TNA star being repackaged

    • jflegler says:

      Yep. I am going with Ethan HD, but I was wrong before since TNA is so unpredictably predictable. You know, the entire Ortiz and not Klinger, Holly, or Pearce debacle.

      Honestly, MVP would be a solid guess as to whom Ethan is; considering that Ethan may not be an Ethan at all. Think bling, think of a character that perceives themselves as large as any hip-hop mogul, and think loud. Maybe it's him repackaged.

  9. godoftna says:

    "Ethan is coming." I'm sorry, but whoever is in charge of doing some of these vignettes is an idiot. "Ethan"…with a name like that, he better be a damn good performer, otherwise this'll all be a waste of time.

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