Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 30, 2012
Even More On Eric Young’s New TV Show Inside Here

Even More On Eric Young’s New TV Show Inside Here

Eric Young’s Animal Planet show Off The Hook: Extreme Catches will see a special premiere date. The show will kick off on Discovery Channel tomorrow at 9 PM ET before moving to its regular timeslot on Animal Planet at 9 PM ET on August 19th.

The show will see two half-hour episodes air tomorrow, titled “Sailfish Smackdown” and the second called “Shark-a-Mania,” which will be replayed at 11:00 PM and 2 AM.

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3 Responses to “Even More On Eric Young’s New TV Show Inside Here”

  1. malik70 says:

    I say bring in Nick Dinsmore (?) and Colt Cabana and make a stable, or have them feud. Would be the funniest/ most entertaining moments on T.V.

  2. Roid Master says:

    I honestly don't see why people love Eric Young. If I wanted to watch a clown I would go to a circus. I hope Animal Planet can find more projects for him so I don't have to watch any more of his time killing angles. In my opinion, watching him is just a notch above watching Hornswaggle.

    • Roid Master says:

      8 negative votes…So you wouldn't rather see an exciting match instead of Eric Young chasing Scott Baio (Jason Hervey's and Biscoff's buddy) across a field? Then why not just stick to WWE because that's the brand of Sports Entertainment you seem to like.

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