Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 25, 2013
Ex-Knockout Expresses Interest In WWE Return

Ex-Knockout Expresses Interest In WWE Return

After she was profiled on the official WWE website, Jacqueline posted some fan messages on her Twitter account saying that Jackie should be brought back to the Divas. One fan wrote, “WWE should bring @JackieMooreTx back! She’s a phenomenal wrestler, I think she might be exactly what the Divas Division needs.” When asked if she would return to the WWE, Jackie wrote “maybe.”

Also, on his own Twitter account, the Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer, Rip Rogers, voices his support for the former WWE and TNA worker, writing:

“There will never b a diva as good a wrestler as Jackie Moore cuz she learned to work the territory system against men and women- she was a bad ass athlete and great wrestler who could really whoop ass and is still quite the looker!!!”

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