Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 24, 2013
Ex-TNA Knockout Angelina Love Delivers Video Message

Ex-TNA Knockout Angelina Love Delivers Video Message

— SHINE Wrestling has released video messages from Angelina Love and Jessicka Havok. Havok is set to face Reby Sky at Shine 8 tonight iPPV. Also set for the match is Angelina Love. Love makes her in-ring debut for Shine Wrestling tonight as she teams with Mia Yim, Christina Von Eerie and Amazing Kong against Rain, Ivelisse, Allysin Kay and Taylor Made. The former TNA Knockout appears in the following video message promoting her debut for the all-female wrestling promotion.

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35 Responses to “Ex-TNA Knockout Angelina Love Delivers Video Message”

  1. Treck says:

    Man she got ugly! But I hope shine does good. On tv etc

  2. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Angelina looked rather pretty in that video. I'd definitely do her.

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    She's not that hot and her tits couldn't be more fake. 2/10 would not bother to bang.

  4. rawuncutnxrated says:

    I'm waiting for Tiffanydude to come blast all of them for not working at TNA. Claiming they would make more money. I wonder if Taylor Wilde would agree? While she was champ she had to work the Sunglass Hut. And didn't the ex-Navy dude have to get food stamps in order to eat while working for TNA? While Stink makes a half million for pretty much nothing.

  5. UCEAD11 says:

    This is precisely the reason why I am hoping Taryn and Velvet sky become the new beautiful people. There new catch phrase if you want Adult TV (taryn and velvet) just ask for the beautiful people.

    • hangers says:

      It's a great idea…if you want the new TBP to be totally devoid of any wrestling skills..

      • rawuncutnxrated says:

        Good Point Angel could work her skinny little booty off. And after Taker TBP's have the greatest intro ever. Been saying that since it started 4 yrs ago or whatever & I still believe it today. I love the stripper music & how Velv would come thru Angel's legs on her knees. Hmmmmmm

  6. UCEAD11 says:

    And its true, she is hard to look at. Especially in person.

  7. iamanadult says:

    The hottest womens wrestler since Trish, solid in the ring, great on the mic, hot Canadian accent. By far the most under rated wrestler at the moment.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      How is she under-rated? I don't think you have a grasp on your terminology.

      • iamanadult says:

        Well seeing as Trish said today on PW that, out of anyone in tna, she would want a match with Angelina… i stand by my initial (correct) opinion.

  8. UCEAD11 says:

    who is this…..

  9. annil8or4321 says:

    id bang her i dont care if her boobs are fake

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