Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 9, 2013
Ex-TNA Knockout Coming To ROH – Details

Ex-TNA Knockout Coming To ROH – Details

ROH sent out the following press release tonight:

A Special Glory by Honor XII Autograph Signing!

On October 26th Ring of Honor returns to The Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL for Glory by Honor XII! One of our premier events, this year’s installment features an 8-Man Elimination Clash between the ROH champions and a team of ROH All-Stars, Steen vs. Bennett, London vs. Strong, and a whole lot more to come!

In addition to the matches, has also learned that we will have a very special guest joining us for an autograph signing! She has been around the world and competed against the very best women in the wrestling world, and now the one and only Lisa Varon is coming to Ring of Honor! Specific details will be available shortly but we can tell you that she will be available prior to the start of the event to meet with the ROH faithful in Chicago Ridge!

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27 Responses to “Ex-TNA Knockout Coming To ROH – Details”

  1. TheMiwyun says:

    Get a rock on. No one really cared she left. She was hot but a bit to tall for my liking. She could wrestle like a mother fucker though but that's not what matters anymore is it TNA… o_O

    (TNA you fucking Dubya Dubya EEE copying mugs)

    • TheMiwyun says:


    • ricky_No1 says:

      Shes too tall? What are ya? Midget with a complex? hornswoggles brother?

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        I think maybe he's into the midgets, some guys are into that kinky kinda stuff. Anyways, the KO division for TNA has become less about the wrestling and more about looks… Sad but true that TNA is slowly turning into a WWE lite… KO division is gone, and the tag team division is pretty much dead, yet these were the two best divisions the company ever had going.

        • UK TNA says:

          Agreed its all. Gone down the pan since Hogan came. Knockout tag belts gone, tv title is a joke, ‘it’s gonna b defended every wk on impact brother’ yeah 4 two wks then u won’t c it 4 6months. Tag division is rubbish now can’t remember the last decent match. Actually I can it was beer money v MCMG’s.

        • oh0K says:

          KO Division is less about wrestling more about looks? I mean yes Taryn is hott but she can work, ODB can go,, I wouldn't say she looks very good tho,,, to each his own…. same with lei d, and she IMO is the weakest of the 6 knockouts left….

        • Luis says:

          We’ll if they wanna make something exciting with your X Division put out some XDivision Tag Belts imagine 3 tag team Ultimate X

      • TheMiwyun says:


    • Buseye says:

      The taller they are the more enjoyable it is to climb.

  2. Steven kelly says:

    Erm excuse me erm lai d tapa though beautiful is in sme marks on this site not the average diva or knockouts mould sthu dude so how are they copying the inferior brand of wwe

  3. JoeWrestling says:

    She's always at these kind of shows, she lives there.

  4. tnadude says:

    Big deal, an autograph signing in her home town… What a shock!

  5. hangers says:

    For a price of course…

    • tnadude says:

      @Hangers, this isn't directed at you, so don't take it personally.

      I find it very interesting that people on this site will bash TNA for not offering people like Tara contracts or for not paying them what we (because I somewhat agree with the sentiment) think they're worth.

      But then, people turn around and bash the talent when they want to monetize the one thing they have of value – their name.

      Folks – you can't have it both ways. You've got to pick one or the other.

      Again, @Hangers, not directed at you individually since I don't know your position on how TNA pays talent.

      • hangers says:

        I was happy to see Tara leave and frankly with the lack of focus the ko division is getting no girl is worth paying much at the moment. As for Tara, she'll do anything and be anywhere to make a buck..

  6. toddmikki says:

    Who cares, shes old news as TNA canned her rear. Make money some how as tna nor wwe Will ever sign you as onscreen talent.

  7. Dick C. Carter says:

    Kinda funny, considering her recent comments about TNA. If she think TNA was minor league, she's really going to hate ROH if this leads to more than just an autograph signing.

    • John says:

      Considering the last ROH show I went to in MN had about 300 more people then the last TNA show I went to, your perception of which company is bigger may be off. Just because your on a major network doesn’t mean your big. And unless you’re named Sting or Hogan the pay is probably equal. On top of that TNA can barely sell any ppvs and while people go out of there way to pay for ROH shows on DVD andd VOD. So let’s be honest ROH and TNA are on equal footing if not ROH has taken a slight lead.

      • Dick C. Carter says:

        I don't quite consider ROH a "smaller promotion" draw wise, necessarily. Not at all. It is just a tad more "Independant" compared to the way TNA presents itself. I know Ric Flair said in his shoot interview that "TNA gives the guys pizza backstage." With that in mind and Tara complaining about TNA, I would imagine "backstage ROH" not being much better than a pizza. ROH is my favorite national promotion these days, Don't get the wrong idea. Tara just has that "superstar" mentality, so I think it's semi amusing that she is going to ROH… "King of the Indies"

        • John says:

          I don’t think the size of the company has anything to do with her problems with TNA. I was at the last Chikara show in Chicago back in May and she was there just to make a quick plug for her restaurant she has in town. She very easily could of left after that but instead she was watching the whole show from the balcony and hangingout and having a great time with the wrestlers there.

      • tnadude says:

        Dude – not sure how old you are, but I have my suspicions. Regardless, I'd recommend you read a couple of sites for a while before posting anything else. It will protect your reputation. Remember, it's ok to be a fan of your favorite organization, and great to be passionate. But your comments are far, far off base my friend.

        Truth is, ROH doesn't sell many PPVs. Heck, they can't even find a TV provider for them (they're iPPVs). They're fan base is exceptionally small, but also exceptionally vocal and passionate (like yourself). They're never going to draw the kind of crowd TNA does in the UK (or even in San Antonio). At least, not unless they get a primetime slot on a major network. And they're talent base and production quality is not even close to that (sorry – I like ROH too, but it's reality).

        As for people searching out their videos – of course they do. You just disproved your own point. It's because they're not readily available. WWE videos are all over the place. TNAs are also easily found. ROH doesn't sell enough to warrant any kind of marketing.

        ROH taking a "lead"? Get a grip. They've never even registered a Niesen rating, my friend.

        • John says:

          I’m simply stating fact. The ROH show I was at in the cities had about 550 people at it and the last TNA show had maybe 300 (that’s being generous).

          And I don’t know what sites you go to but,, Pwinsider, TNA is the butt of every joke on the net.

          And what I meant when I said that people have to go out of there way to see ROH is that they are dependent on DVD and VOD sales. So fans have to willingly pay money to see it.

          I’ve been a fan of TNA since day one, I can proudly say I ordered every one of the weekly PPVs. But the truth is there is no longer and shred of the once great company that was being booked by Scott D’Amore, Dutch Mantell and Jarrett. (That’s right I would rather have Jarrett booking himself with the belt again over the garbage that’s on now). Styles and Joe are unmotivated. They had a chance to elevate Sabin but decided to bury him intead. Magnus is good, but still needs some work. All and all even if the company survives there is nothing to look orward too if it does.

        • Dick C. Carter says:

          However, ROH's current wrestling product makes TNA wrestling look like the minor leagues. ROH's booking has been excellent lately. The only thing they don't have that TNA has is financial backing for higher production standards, which isn't really too necessary for a promotion like ROH to begin with.

          • tnadude says:

            Got to disagree with you. They stripped their WHC and gave the belt to a guy who recently turned heel and was given no build-up. The tournament was their only storyline. Frankly, I've been disappointed.

          • Dick C. Carter says:

            I don't see how anyone could be disappointed in the title tournament. Also, the title being stripped from Jay was reality, not just a "storyline." Jay was injured, legit. They put together a tournament that was full of fantastic matches, which literally blew away the BFG series in every possible way. Logical, simple booking that worked well. My favorite thing about the booking in the tournament is that they actually sold "injuries" caused by earlier matches in the semi final and final matches in the series, like Elgin's neck and Chiampa's leg.

            They turned Adam Cole heel AFTER he won the tournament, which actually sets up a feud with both Jay Briscoe AND Elgin. Turning Cole heel was a GREAT decision, consider the SCUM organization is gone. They absolutely HAD to create another heel, "besides Bennett." Also, if you've been lucky enough to see Adam Cole's work as a heel in other promotions, you'd know he's the right guy for the job. ROH teased Cole's turn for months. I admire them for waiting until he actually get's the title BEFORE completely turning him.

            I also respect the fact that current ROH booking is able to put people over cleanly 90% of the time, while managing to not make the loser of the match look bad. They are using simple, old school booking without the long "soap opera" promos that bog down TNA.

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