Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 24, 2014
Ex-WWE Developmental Wrestler Headed To TNA?

Ex-WWE Developmental Wrestler Headed To TNA?

Tom Latimer, formerly known as Kenneth Cameron in NXT, worked a tryout match for TNA recently. At this time, he is under the impression that TNA will offer him a contract. Latimer is married to Ric Flair’s daughter and NXT Diva, Charlotte.

Latimer was released by WWE back in November of 2012, after he was arrested early Thanksgiving morning on charges of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Intoxication.

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5 Responses to “Ex-WWE Developmental Wrestler Headed To TNA?”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    IMO I think this is a good signing because if he uses his Ascension gimmick he can feud with TJ Perkins as Suicide, We need to see Perkins again.

  2. CuteBoy666 says:

    dang. i was hoping for Chris Hero.

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    I am liking the fact that they are getting younger in staff….OH and this Brittany person…..I am willing to bet ….she is going to be a part of the beautiful people by the next PPV….Madison keeps dissing her.


  4. Elida says:

    That inihsgt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

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