Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 25, 2013
Ex-WWE Employee Promoted By TNA Wrestling

Ex-WWE Employee Promoted By TNA Wrestling


WWE Director of Live Events Rafael Morffi is taking over some of the responsibilities left by former TNA Director of Touring Craig Jenkins and TNA Live Events coordinator Michael Krewson. Jenkins and Krewson recently announced their TNA departures.

Morffi worked in WWE’s live events department until last fall when he was part of a round of office cuts by Senior VP of Live Events, Patrick Tally. Many within TNA are disappointed to see Jenkins and Krewson go, but everyone speaks highly of Morffi.

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6 Responses to “Ex-WWE Employee Promoted By TNA Wrestling”

  1. lee4tammy says:

    i suppose being an ex wwe employee will be a good thing considering he has more touring experience with tv

    but alas tna promting ex wwe guys again lol

  2. godoftna says:

    This is definitely one of those cases where hiring an ex-WWE guy can pay big dividends for TNA. He may be shrewd, but Bruce Pritchard has been a big asset for the company since his hiring (aside from the whole Bobby Roode contract issue, which apparently wasn't all his fault).

    • KilloWare1996 says:

      well what about all of the knockouts releases which happened when Bruce Prichard came into TNA. Fire Bruce Prichard and Hulk Hogan and bring in someone that actually knows the company like Jim Cornette or Jeff Jerrett so then we make the company stronger again

      • itachi950 says:

        haaa please do not mention Cornette again or unless you are a troll.
        have you seen ROH in 2011, 2012 or at close 2013? that programme has been stale with those sports-matches with no build up characters and good storylines (except for the SCUM).

        i am so dam happy he is not in TNA or unless he will ruin TNA just like ROH

  3. ariesstormjoe says:

    this is a bizarre news article/headline.

    the way wrestling pretty much is if your in the wrestling biz either in front of the camera or behind it if you dont work for wwe you'll likely work elsewhere and in america TNA is the next best option.

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