Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 30, 2013
Ex-WWE NXT Wrestler Gets TNA Tryout At iMPACT!

Ex-WWE NXT Wrestler Gets TNA Tryout At iMPACT!

Michael Hutter, formerly Derrick Bateman on WWE NXT, worked a dark match prior to Thursday night’s TNA iMPACT! Wrestling taping in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hutter lost to Jay Bradley.

As of this writing, TNA has not offered a contract to Hutter. He was told TNA officials will “be in touch.”

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18 Responses to “Ex-WWE NXT Wrestler Gets TNA Tryout At iMPACT!”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    I like his look (based on the picture above).

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    Someone please tell me he's actually good

    • 87GIBBY says:


      • Tiffanydude says:

        Doesn't help at all

        • Grandiose7 says:

          He has amazing charisma, he's very athletic. Just watch a few of his matches. He should have been part of one of the best tag teams (before wwe had a bunch of tag teams like now) but for some reason wwe never moved him up.

          • OldManEaston says:

            I have always thought that there must have been some unseen personal issues or conflicts that were at play during his time in WWE. I have just never found any confirmation of anything. He seems to pretty much be the prototype guy that WWE is going for now days. Good physique, pretty talented in the ring, pretty good charisma. Like other people have said, they though enough of him at one point to put him in some pretty good positions for success. All indicators say that WWE should have been high on him, but they weren't after a certain point for some reason. It is not a situation like Chris Hero where he doesn't feel like he has to get in the shape that WWE wants him to be in. Bateman already was in good shape. It had to be something though.

      • ricky_No1 says:

        IS YA CAP LOCK STILL STUCK????????????/

  3. zack says:

    I thought that was Andy fucking samburg….I’m kidding before you think I’m serious…but he USA talented wrestler

  4. mrthefanboy says:

    Loved this guy in WWE,one of the only good things about that crappy NXT show,hope he gets that TNA contract.

  5. tna24 says:

    wonder why he was release, he was like one of the top nxt guys, before they re did it and added a bunch of new people. tna should give him a shot.

  6. Worst in the world says:

    He is 1000 times better than wade barrett,bo dallas, big e and axel , but unfortunately, wwe pushed dumb johny curtis wrestled same time with bateman. Fucking bo dallas ! go to the hell with your stupid brother !!!

  7. Ringmaster44 says:

    No don't sign him, just because in was in WWE doesn't been he needs to be signed. There is a shitload of amazing indy talent that has yet to be seen on TV. We haven't gotten a fresh face that mattered since aries, Perkins is good, refuse to call him manik, but he doesn't appear to really be going anywhere tho he has the X title. The title never matters at all now until before destination X. All the best wrestlers TNA has had and that have kept them afloat have been drawn from the indies, that's what made them so great way back when. It was finally a TV stage for great indy names.

    • Grandiose7 says:

      Don't let the fact that he is ex wwe detract you from him. He has the charisma, athletic skill, and is a hard worker. Are there lots of greats on the indy scene, no doubt. But this guy would be a nice addition to the roster, and he never really made a name in wwe so could still make one in tna. Bateman could improve the tag or x division.

  8. Ringmaster44 says:

    YOu would think after seeing how successful aries turned out to be for them that they'd continue to bring up big indy names, but they don't! It's crazy. Love em or hate WWE has been on a roll all because of the indy talents they've been bringing up, PUNK, Danielson, Moxley, Black, Claudio, Generico, now Callihan and I think samurai del sol. Theyre letting soooooo much talent just fly right by and instead they sign random shit and mma fighters that aren't doing them any favors. Sorry bout long rant out of this article, but TNA is drowning right now and they refuse to grab on to the life raft._

    • JoeWrestling says:

      You may enjoy the show, but not sure those indy talent are as big a stars as they replace. They still have been bringing in guys like Rock, and Lesnar. They may be heading more toward indy company than the other way with these guys. We will see when all the real stars are gone. The shield, husky harris posse, and axel perfect haven't proven themeselves yet. CM Punk and Danielson can entertain the audience, but no more than austin aries or aj styles, or other indy guys would do. I still see no replacement for Cena, Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, etc in there. There is no denying that when CM Punk held the title, he wasn't the main event on shows, Cena was. And even now with Danielson, we see that Orton is on top. They don't trust them, cause they haven't proved a top draw yet. And likely they never will, because if for nothing else, WWE knows TNA can produce plenty of these guys like CM Punk and Danielson also, so if WWE's whole roster turns into these guys, they will be no better than TNA.

  9. whatsup121 says:

    funny as hell that he lost to OVW's Jay Bradley who is (learing his craft)

  10. The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

    With his look, he could team with Xema Ion and call themselves the Saiyans.

  11. JoeWrestling says:

    He's pretty good. Probably will see him, since he probably will work cheap.

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