Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 10, 2013
Ex-WWE Talent To Appear On TNA iMPACT! This Week

Ex-WWE Talent To Appear On TNA iMPACT! This Week

Resistance Pro has revealed via Twitter that Jay Bradley will be one part of tomorrow’s Gut Check match on TNA iMPACT! Wrestling.

Bradley worked in WWE as Ryan Braddock.

As noted earlier here on the website, iMPACT! Wrestling has confirmed that Gut Check will take place on iMPACT! this week and that, as previously reported, the new format will see two Gut Check contestants “competing head-to-head.”

The promotion that the contestants “will tell their story and face off against each other in the Gut Check match” and that the judging panel will “evaluate both wrestlers’ performance and give their final verdict on the January 17 IMPACT broadcast.”

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9 Responses to “Ex-WWE Talent To Appear On TNA iMPACT! This Week”

  1. Treck says:

    yessss! Great talent and probably in aces and 8’s 🙂

  2. Philly_Cheese says:

    Glad to see they're making movement towards getting fresher talent off the indy circuit rather than just picking up former well known stars of WWE.

  3. Peckar says:

    Never heard of him. Sorry.

  4. bik100 says:

    bigger news is that Brian Cage is going to be on tomorrow night.

  5. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Considering York was the only Gut Check contestant to "go over," it makes a lot more sense to do it this way. That way, no one on the roster (more specifically, Robbie E.) has to job out to "some independent guy."

    That said, I hope the "winner of the athletic contest" is the one considered to be on the roster. I don't like the whole concept they have been using, i.e. "the guy just lost a match, but our panel of judges will now determine whether or not he should be on our roster." What "competitive sports" franchise wants to sign a loser?

    • Sturk says:

      I agree with this and it also gives a reason to have a balls to the wall match every week instead of a match with high spots for no reason. Now talents can do a bunch of high spots and it makes sense because they are trying to kill eachother out there to earn a spot on the roster.

    • Ibra says:

      Actually York didn’t win his first match against Zelma ion. Ion defeated him by submission. York didn’t win his first match till last week show against kid kash but he did get a yes by all three judges and that was a first.

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