Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 2, 2013
Ex-WWE Talents Comment On #August1Warning

Ex-WWE Talents Comment On #August1Warning

Several former WWE Superstars took to Twitter to voice their reactions to the big “#August1Warning” mystery-man reveal from Thursday’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

For those who missed it, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and current Bellator MMA fighter Tito Ortiz was revealed to be the man behind the “#August1Warning” messages on YouTube and Twitter throughout the past week.

Below are some of the aforementioned tweets:

Matt Hardy: “Tito Ortiz, HMMM. Interesting. I’m curious to see which direction TNA goes in the future & what they reap from their recent decisions.”

Tommy Dreamer: “WOW In a bad confusing way. 2 good matches w/lame finishes then the REVEAL? TNA actually had a split second of a buzz.way to ruin it #sobad”

Bob Holly: “All this does is promote the fight for Belatore between Tito and Rampage, does NOTHING for TNA, #impactwrestling”

Lance Storm: And the crowd goes Mild #NotAtypo

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28 Responses to “Ex-WWE Talents Comment On #August1Warning”

  1. CELL says:

    Yup. These guys took the words right out of my mouth.

  2. 1Risky1 says:

    its like Lance Storm says, to me it wasn't a big deal and like bob Holly says, I don't see them wrestling soon to help TNA

  3. whatsup121 says:

    if they have a tech style of wrestling that can easly be transferred over to pro wrestling still

    • jflegler says:

      Easily? It could take years for most people to get the timing, to fall correctly, hitting the ropes, keeping your opponent safe, ring awareness, working the crowd, etc… people like Angle worked VERY HARD at it and is the rare exception.

      I hope that I am proven wrong, but I just don't see it in the three MMA fighters that they brought in (maybe Rampage).

      • whatsup121 says:

        When I mean tech wrestling I mean ground wrestling most common in high school style ie Olympic style wrestling before it was discontinued I'm not talking about people doing back breakers and putting someone through tablesSent from my iPhone

        • jflegler says:

          I am not talking about that either – forget the tables, chairs, etc…

          Do you really want to see two guys roll around the ring Olympic style with nothing else to supplement the match? Come on, mate.

  4. RavenNevermore says:

    And I am suppose to care what these nobodies say?

  5. The Spectacular Crimson Spider says:

    Seriously? Tito Ortiz? Wtf were they thinking? Hell no no no! I was looking forward to someone like Shelton Benjamin or someone who’s an actual full time pro wrestler. This was some fuckin bullshit. Way to drop the ball Dixie. All of the free agent wrestlers roaming around and you pick Tito Ortiz? Again, hell no no no!

  6. Get_Carter says:

    I can't agree with these comments more. Great show that ended with a fizzle.

  7. DJBIGCG says:

    Bad job on this August 1 get up tna

  8. TheBringer92 says:

    All of them are correct, I thought TNA was a wrestling company but the past build up have nearly always been Bellator guys.

  9. showtime says:

    All i can hope hope for now is that Ortiz causes Rampage to lose at Hardcore Justice. This adds fuel to the Bellitor match (even though i really dont care ) but ultimately gets the MMA guys out of TNA. And just some advice for TNA, going forward if you want to bring someone in, DONT TEASE IT! Let it actually be a surprise. You keep causing all of this hype and it doesnt deliver….why? Thats easy. In the August 1 warnings, Batista, Jericho and Goldberg were all mentioned. Tito is not even close to the same league. Cant keep hyping something huge only to let us down. Just let someone show up and let us, the fans decide if they are great or not. Cant keep crying wolf or no one will pay attention

  10. nate says:

    One word comes to mind….DISAPPOINTING! I am a HUGE fan of TNA and it just seems like they have been dropping the ball lately! Sign Morrison or Carlito or even Masters ( who I am not a huge fan) that would be been better than the piss poor reveal that took place and the BS/hype that went along with it!

  11. ariesstormjoe says:

    if it werent tito ortiz who else could it have been?

    theres not a big "name" wrestler they can sign at the moment. they've side stepped that problem with signing king mo, rampage and ortiz. they can have some good feuds with angle and other wrestlers, possibly could do a wrestling vs mma storyline.

    i see the problem some ppl have this. they're confusing mma and wrestling but if you are smart and able to think logically then king mo's words from his conference call when he signed make sense. "wrestling is wrestling and mixed martial arts is mixed martial arts. they are 2 different styles of entertainment and if people can't figure out there is a difference, that's their problem. He said as long as the fans are entertained, that's all that matters."

    to quote a line from an upcoming game….you tell me exactly what you want and i will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.

    if tna could sign say daniel bryan, punk, cena, orton, jericho, taker. tna would do so. but that isnt an option so they bring in names that they can bring in whether ppl like it or not tito and rampage are "names". compared to say indie wrestlers adam pearce, "double d" dave dutra, tadarius thomas. king mo isnt a "name" but still mma wise hes a talented fighter and he knows his wrestling. as he said in his conference call he was just starting to make his name while TNA already has established stars. if tna could sign kevin steen from roh that would be great. but last i checked he's quite happy in roh. so think of someone else.

    • jflegler says:

      Batista? Holly? Morrison?

      I understand what you are eluding to; however, what if we are not confused over the two dissimilar styles of fighting and entertainment, but prefer wrestling over MMA. Quoting King Mo is not going to help your case. An audience will have their preference of entertainment and if MMA entering a wrestling product is not entertaining to them, that is ALL that matters.

      The problem was the hype over nothing. If you want to bring in Ortiz, fine, but at what cost (not monetary, but fan loyalty and credibility)? Just have him walk in without these cryptic messages by Dixie stating that he will "slither into the ring" or whatever she wanted us to buy in to.

      Personally, I wasn't looking for an Orton, Punk, Bryan, or any other unrealistic acquisition, but I expected more than Tito Ortiz for the amount of hype. With less hype, I would have taken entertaining independent wrestlers like Pearce, Klinger, Alex Shelley, Helms, Colt Cobana, Davey Richards, Rhino, Young Bucks, etc…

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        batista? doesnt want to sign for tna. hes stated this many times. how fans think he's a possibility for tna i dont even know. hardcore holly is old. would be like bringing in tommy dreamer. whilst i actually think they can work. ppl would say "woah there goes tna signing another wwe reject". thats a no win situation. as for morrison i cant remember him ever saying he wants to sign for tna. he's been on the indie scene a while and seems happy doing that.

        of course fans may not find particular talent entertaining. or the matches they could have in wrestling entertaining but when ppl say "king mo, ortiz, rampage are mma guys" they also need to understand they are "wrestlers" too and not appearing on "tv wrestlers" either. king mo was a wrestling guy long before mma. read his background. tito ortiz is also has a wrestling style. read his background. rampage is a wrestling fan. i think if he incorporates his mma style into his wrestling style it'll be worthwhile. rather have them than some no hopers on tv.

        in terms of the hype and cryptic messages. you realise tna were trying to create an internet buzz. the only disappointed fans imo are those that expected some ex wwe guy. cos they are the only names in wrestling. concerning casual wrestling fans.

        of that list. pearce, shelley, richards would be great acquisitions. but shelley is in japan. and happy. pearce and klinger could be future signings for tna. young bucks would be great for tag division. but when it comes to a lot of talents its a case of tv time. to be able to use a lot of the indie talents they really need a 2nd show so they can separate those in the same division but still give them weekly tv time. example signing the young bucks and them having a match vs say bad influence on tv next week gunner and storm can face say MCMG (if shelley was re-signed) but with storylines momentum has to be maintained. cant maintain that for say mcmg if theres a storyline between 2 other teams.

        helms has injury issues if im not mistaken. colt cabana (would prefer to be in wwe no?)

        • jflegler says:

          Great post, mate. Thank you for your objective perspective.

          Honestly, I would have been happy with a 50 year old Holly.

          My beef is that the audience (the thick and thin loyalists) were manipulated and lied to. If you are bringing Ortiz in, fine, but don't tell us that 99% of us know him, don't tell us that he will "slither" into the ring, and don't tell us that he was from the WWE brand. You will p!ss a lot of people off when it's Tito Ortiz walking out on the ramp whilst folding his flabby arms.

      • tnadude says:

        I suspect you don't follow MMA. That's fine – but Tito, Rampage, & King Mo are some of the larger personalities out there. All 3 could have been pro wrestlers instead of being MMA guys.

        Will it take time for them to turn into AJ or Angle? My guess is that won't happen at all. But they will attract attention.

        And guess what? Spike's covering the bill (or at least most of it anyway). Where will you get a better bang for the buck?

        Face it – they guys you mentioned – Pearce, Klinger, Alex Shelley, Helms, Colt Cobana, Davey Richards, Rhino, Young Bucks – put together, none of them would generate as much interest in 5 years as Tito & Rampage will over the next few months.

        And they'd actually cost the company more money. So sit back and enjoy the show. Guys like Tito & Rampage are going to be used to provide exposure to guys like Magnus, Aries & Roode. And long-term, that's the talent with the best shot at taking TNA to the next level.

        • jflegler says:

          Follow it? I am disciplined in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, and Greco-Roman wrestling – I am the epitome of MMA.

          Thanks for the comments, tnadude. Let's see what unfolds. I PROMISE that I will not tell everyone…I TOLD YOU SO. 😉

          • tnadude says:

            Hey, if the shoe fits I'm more than happy to put it on. If those guys can draw, I'd much rather have them and hear an I told you so than not have 'em!

  12. Sim3rd says:

    Ok wrestling fans lets see where this is going before you start proclaiming the sky is falling. Tna needs to do something the ratings have been the same for years. So bringing in names like rampage and Ortiz is a good thing .

  13. Mr. Excitement says:

    TNA is turning into a sport. They're rebranding! (one can only dream)

  14. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    Agree with the majority of the comments on here, especially what Holly said. Not impressed with all this hyping MMA talent. I wouldn't be surprised if in 6 months to a year's time there's a whole stable of MMA fighters taking over TNA, appearing a few times a month to beat down the roster.

    I personally have no interest in MMA, it is like boxing… just another sport, there's no entertainment value in it for me. That's why I watch wrestling as it is ludicrous and over the top.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      mma is better than boxing imo. boxing is a dying sport with top names in it not that far off retirement. and no ones replacing them.

      with mma they could always do with more OTT reactions from the talent. but think the interest in mma is certain fans have their favourites and want to see them win. it can be quite tactical.

  15. Bigmike885 says:

    Im amazed that nobody has mentioned this, but Ortiz has been in TNA before…and it didn't draw one dime, nether has King Mo or Rampage…people don't want to see them in a "wrestling" environment..they want to see them in the cage. Everyone keeps saying "TNA needs a second show"…well..looks like Spike has decided that Balatore needs a second show..and Impact has become that show…I would LOVE to be in a room when someone pitches these ideas to Dixie..Im sure she gets all wide eyed and excited.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i want to see them in a wrestling environment as i assume they will be trained sufficiently well for such. if they incorporate their mma style in to their wrestling style it can be worthwhile.

      in terms of "drawing dimes" tna cant really do that unless they sign cena, orton, bryan, punk in all seriousness. wwe is top in the wrestling business with ratings and drawing money. its not feasible for tna to be 1% behind wwe in everything with how the wrestling business is. a lot of things would have to change. if tna dont bring in king mo, rampage, ortiz then they've got to be signing top "names" such as jericho, orton or even del rio. but if that doesnt happen. then the former has to.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        The problem is everyone knows these Guys are just using Tna for their personal gain ( no different than hogan) so they're not going to draw. Unless they completely give up mma and focus on wrestling solely its not going to work I never said they had to bring In a huge name. But being in someone they can build on. Or I don't know properly push the people you have. I'm sure all they people that just got cut are really happy to see another non wrestler show upSent from my iPhon

        • jflegler says:


          The fact that smart wrestling fans know TNA is being used as a platform to promote MMA doesn't help and is a turn off to the product; call it bitterness, sour grapes over being manipulated into thinking that these fighters are now "wrestlers". They will not work in a TNA "wrestling" match, mark my words.

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