Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 2, 2012
Exclusive: Chris Sabin Leaving TNA Wrestling

Exclusive: Chris Sabin Leaving TNA Wrestling

Chris Sabin has plans to follow former Motor City Machine Guns mate Alex Shelley out the door.

The four-time X Division Champion has told friends that he plans on leaving TNA Wrestling when his contract expires in August. Keep in mind that a lot can change between now and August but he’s leaning torwads leaving as of this writing.

On May 21, it was reported that Shelley had opted not to renew his TNA Wrestling contract, thus ending his eight-year tenure with the organization.

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  1. Kyle says:

    I hope WWE picks then both up and use then as a tag team. They’d be dumb not to.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      wwe tend not to do tag teams tho. got the KOW from roh. what have they done? split them up.

      wwe do appear to have some tag teams forming. but bar the usos and primo and epico. cant see many of those being teams in like 10 months (due to wwe's patience more than anything else).

    • Triple f says:

      Kyle, Remember that they’ve both made a life choice that they’d have to abandon in order to participate there.

  2. Suplexer says:

    Ahh man that sucks, but is not a surprise

  3. JeffandJoker says:

    When is someone going to do something about all of this????

    Hulk Hogan is killing the VERY life of TNA. The X-Division has gone to almost nothing since both Hogan and Bischoff have come to TNA.

    Guys that have been with TNA from the start are all leaving the company. Why isn't Dixie Carter seeing whats really going on???

    • Pipboy86 says:

      Cause she gets to be on TV with a big crap eating grin on her face while introducing Brooke Hogan. She's swallowed the poison.

      • JeffandJoker says:

        It really sucks that they used time for Brooke Hogan to cut a promo with Dixie Carter instead of having a Knockouts match.

        They really should have used their time better. . . .

        It really does look like she swallowed the poison, because TNA is really starting to die.

    • nWo_rules says:

      Man,this really sucks.Really Dixie carter is the most idiotic promoter I have ever seen.I have watched TNA from the start.How great were the days when Jarret and raven feuded for the NWA title,when AJ,Joe,Daniels had the best matches in the world.There were Ultimate X match,the X scape match,Sabu,Abyss,Hardy,Rhino doing the Monsters Ball.There were tag teams,Beer Money,MCMG,LAX,3D.
      Sting,Angle,Christian showcasing some top quality wrestling.THAT WAS TNA.2002-2009 the TNA which majority of us fans loved.
      Hulk & bischoff and a group of rapers come in and raped and are continously raping TNA.We all love King of Mountain Match and Hogan scraps it.We loved 6 sided ring and Hulkster crapped it.We loved X division and it is continously declining.Really,the fans are pissed off.
      Dixie must hear that this is the death knell,with MCMG leaveng,Morgan leaving,rumors of dispute with Joe,the loyal fans are also starting to leave.With such a hevily advertised Impact only 0.89.
      What was the big surprise of the night<brooke hogan debuting.Does any wrestling fan even cares to watch it.
      I really hope to the bottom of my heart Jarret gains 100% control of TNA and kicks all this lameness out of TNA.

    • oh0K says:

      you're an idiot…. they were pushed hard… then they took turns being injured, then got offered more money once they were both healed. WWE wouldnt want them otherwise,,,

  4. HolsG says:

    Oh no, tag teaming is officially dead in TNA unless Magnus and Joe return very soon.
    Just hope they don't do WWE and revive the guns

  5. pepsilover2008 says:

    If tna was smart they would be hiring x division stars to replace them, i love the MCMG, but i think if tna was smart they would refresh the x-division by bringing in new stars instead of using the ones that they always use.

    • JeffandJoker says:

      I don't think that TNA cares about the X-Division anymore.

      Shannon Moore, Amazing Red, Alex Shelley, Anthony Nesse, Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal, Kid Kash, and GEN ME have all left TNA, and they have not done anything to replace them !!!!

      Since Hogan and Bischoff are calling the shots, you won't see much of the X-Division. That is why Austin Aries is getting a push. They want to use him as a headliner instead of an X-Division wrestler.

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        I agree with you about think tna doesn't care, but kid kash and shanon moore are still with tna (according to their roster page)

        • JeffandJoker says:

          Have you ever really stopped to look at their " Roster " page ??? Its such a damn joke.

          They still have Don West, The Pope, Mark Haskins, Ric Flair, Matt Morgan, and Hernandez on their page. I don't think any of them are still with the company.

          And so they look like they have a big roster, They have guys like Willie Urbina, Hector Guerrero, Christy Hemme, SoCal Val, Brooke Hogan, Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay.

          If you took away all the guys that are not with the company and all the people that DON' T wrestler they would have a roster of about 12 to 15 wrestlers. What a damn joke !!!

      • Pipboy86 says:

        I think we are actually seeing the last of the X division in TNA. That title will probably fade into defunct status like the old WWF Light heavyweight title once they decide to move Aries into the Main Event.

  6. Poker_Brat2 says:

    i won't be surprised if more original tna stars leave the company. at some point i see booby roode giving WWE a try.

  7. rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

    NJPW has become even better now, that's if Sabin goes there as well.

  8. KeizerGodzilla says:

    The boat has started to scrape the iceberg. I hear the ship starting to crack.

  9. KPJ says:

    It upsets me but it showing that TNA is growing as a company really. I know there was a time when a TNA Guy would leave and go to WWE and would have to do the whole OVW to do get remade. I think if i am not mistaken ( if I am please correct me) Vince wants to but a show around the Crusier weights and the best people for that are TNA stars.It might suck but a lot of wrestler want to go to WWE to get the big checks and Be stars. I doubt this has little or anything to do with Hogan negative or positive. I still believe they will just get used then spit out when Vince is done with them.

  10. DJBIGCG says:

    That is bad news for tna imo. The mcmgs vs gen was some of the best tag teaming you would see on tv, but with them and other x division stars leaving tna looks like it's no more of that. Like it's already been said, looks like the x division and tag division is on the way of being no more in tna not unless they end up doing something like signing new talent before that ship ends up sinking

  11. Get_Carter says:

    This is a damn shame. That's all I can say about it.

  12. Mutter5 says:

    If sabin goes I will be pissed. he is one of my fav wrestlers of all time. TNA what are you doing. The only thing you have going for you is Eric Young and A double.
    Sorry TNA but your losing me as a fan.

  13. incognitowolfe says:

    Some of u realize that aries is in the x division right? Look at how he has dominated since the start of last year there.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      and by the end of this year who the hell will be there to challange him? I love all the "reboot the x-divison" comments on here. Cant reboot something all the time and expect people to care. TNA killed the x-division a couple years ago.

  14. CaptainN says:

    I dnno wtf is going on over there, but Dixie should get the whole locker room together and tell them all whoever wants to leave can leave. This BS with everyone wanting out needs to stop. If they want to go let them go. Bring in a bunch of new young rookies who actually want to work. And bring in some other guys from Ring Ka King. Get Chavo Guerro in the X-division, bring in Bulldog Hart and give him a push and have the American Adoneus tag with someone like Roobie T. Make the Pope feud with Austin Aries and win the title from him, but make it a big feud. Get rid of the talent that aren’t happy before they spread their negative poison to others in the lockeroom. And get the ones who want to work into the company.

  15. jbcissom says:

    don't really care about sabin. sure, he's a great athlete, but between him and shelley, shelley was the mouthpiece of the guns. i was more upset about jay lethal leaving than either one of these.

    and honestly, aires is a much better entertainer than sabin.

  16. JeffandJoker says:

    I still want to know why, They haven't put this week's ratings in a headline????

    I know what the ratings are, and I am sure that almost everyone knows, but they haven't posted it yet for us to talk about.

    • DJBIGCG says:

      Agreed j&j why haven't they put up the ratings. This was a live show and everything and I thought they would want to put them up on the debut of the new time slot and everything else

  17. planetcrush says:

    I think both Sabin and Shelley saw the writing on the wall. It was pretty evident they weren't moving up the card in TNA. Both are great in ring performers and I think they'll get an opportunity to return to their roots in wrestling. It's sad to see all this great, young talent leaving TNA. Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, and now it appears Chris Sabin will also be added to that list.

    The future of TNA doesn't look all that great anymore. Austin Aries is pretty much it right now. And even Aries isn't that young anymore. Sting is great and all but it's 2012. It's past due for guys like Sting, Angle, and RVD to step out of the ring. I'm still waiting for this generation of wrestling to define itself. I'm sick of everyone wanting to go back to the attitude era. This is a different era of wrestling. I just wish some of the guys would step up and own it. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are trying their hardest in WWE. I just wish we could see that same kind of fight out of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Daniels, and Kazarian.

    Austin Aries is the best thing in TNA right now. But he's not superman. He needs some of the other guys to step up and help him. Bully Ray is doing a pretty good job but Bully Ray isn't going to be around much longer either. Samoa Joe really needs to step up. I'm hoping these latest tweets from Samoa Joe will be a part of a storyline that can really elevate both Aries and Joe. It's obvious TNA isn't dead set on pushing both of them. They need to do something to get themselves noticed much like both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

    • destroyer_v39 says:

      That is what's wrong with TNA is they're still stuck in the old era picking up old wrestlers from WWE. They need fresh faces to built up. They're still stuck in the old era because of Hulk Hogan he still thinks of old storyline when he should think outside of the WWE box and focusing on thinking what's inside the TNA Box. Sometimes I think comic book writers write WWE's storyline for some reason because there promos seems to cartoonish ex. The Muppets, Pee Wee, & 3 Stooges. What's next Barney? TNA needs to make they're own Attitude Era by building up 2 young talents and flip the script around WWE's semi PG era right now. That's how you give them good ratings, but it would take time to process that.

    • jbcissom says:

      rarely do i agree with you, but you're absolutely right. there's one huge, glaring problem. the nwo/attitude era did exist. and it annihilated everything else on tv when it happened.

      the wrestling world has been at it's pinnacle. and it's going to take a lot for it to return. hell, wrestling isn't what it used to be in japan or mexico anymore. it's still more highly regarded in those countries than it is here, but i just don't see it happening.

      the "e" has tried with cm punk and bryan daniels… and the ratings along with the ppv buyrates have dropped for wwe. heck, there has been reports that they are dropping for the ufc and mayweather/pacqiouo (sp?) fights.

      times have changed.

      i truly think we tna fans should be thankful that for once, management is following knee-jerk reactions to ppv buys and ratings and keeping the belt on roode. sure he's no spring chicken like sabin, shelley, or aires; but the guy has a lot to build around. it's just going to take time. same goes for storm.

      • planetcrush says:

        TV as a whole is down. Less people are watching TV. With Hulu, Netflix, and other online streaming services, TV is soon becoming a thing of the past. PPV is slowly dying as well. I'm not a big numbers guy. As long as TNA is making money, I really don't think they should be all that worried about ratings. Ratings are bound to fluctuate. It's generally bad business practice to depend solely on TV revenue. At this point, TNA shouldn't be worried about beating WWE and just worry about making themselves as profitable as possible so that they can pay their talent and allow the company to grow.

        The problem with both Roode and Storm is they aren't young anymore. This is their prime. In a few years, they'll be nearing their 40s and it will be time they take the backseat to the new, younger talent. I love Roode and Storm. I'm glad they are finally getting their shot but it's a little late to consider them the future of the company. They are the now. Even Aries isn't that young. Aries is 34. This is his prime. He isn't the future of TNA. He is the right now. Guys like Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Johnny Gargano, and Tim Donst are the future of wrestling. They are guys in their 20s. They are the ones who will be hitting their primes in the next few years.

        Paul Heyman's twitter rant from last week was such an inspiration to me. I just hope some of the guys in both WWE and TNA were inspired by it. This generation of wrestling is so weak. They need to wake up and seize it. Before they know it, their era is going to be over. So far the legacy of this generation of wrestling isn't very good. This generation is known for being crap compared to the previous era.

        Much like CM Punk, I don't understand why more people aren't pissed off about the state of wrestling. Why are so many wrestlers content with being second rate to the attitude era? It pisses me off to see the lack of passion that is present in the wrestling industry right now.

        • jbcissom says:

          a great argument could be made that some wrestlers/characters can last long into their mid-40s. i think roode and storm can last that long, as well as aires. i don't do a whole lot of research on the wrestlers' personal lives, but aires seems to keep himself in top physical condition, so he could last that long as well, as long as he is clean.

          the problem with wrestling these days in maturity. back in the 80s, sting's meteoric rise was unheard of. yes he had done the indies for a little while, but for a guy to get thrust into the spotlight like he did… he showed great maturity, not letting it go to his head. he's always respected the business. you never heard of him being a jerk to local hospitality, or having any problems with the law.

          and now you hear about all of these douches in the wwe, cm punk's rant on the nc marriage law, several wrestlers' encounters with local law enforcement, drug suspensions…. fans who have been around since the 70s and 80s have lost a taste for today's current product. i mean, roode has the perfect character for this generation, the leader of the selfish generation.

          very few, including punk, care about the business in wwe, like flair, arn andersun, tully, the windham bros, lawler, dundee, gagne, and the von erichs did back then. it wasn't about them. it was about the business. those days and that type of wrestler are disappearing.

          • planetcrush says:

            I don't disagree with the fact that guys like Roode, Storm, and Aries will still be able to "go" in their 40s but the human body slows down at 40. It's a fact. I'm sure all of them will still put on good matches but they will no longer be in their prime. They'll be on the decline. They'll be great assets to have around to help put over the next generation and to help them out but it will be their time to step out of the spotlight.

            Look at pro football. There are plenty of players in their late 30s and early 40s but very few of them are starters. Most are in the league to help up the young guys and collect a paycheck while they still can. I've got no problem with guys like Angle, RVD, and Sting hanging around if they were putting over the young talent. But they aren't. I don't think it's a choice by those three men but it's what TNA wants.

            For whatever reason, TNA wants Sting to be their guy. Whenever they need to promote anything, they turn to Sting. That creates the perception that Sting is above everyone else in TNA. Much like the way WWE used (and partially still does) treat John Cena. John Cena is WWE's go to guy. The fans got sick of him. That's how I feel about Sting. I've seen so much Sting in the past 5 years of TNA that I'm sick of him. I give Sting a lot of credit. He's worked his ass off to try and keep his character fresh but it just isn't working for me. Sting has lost his magic. It no longer feels special to see Sting. Same with Kurt Angle and RVD. These guys haven't been shoved down our throats quite like Sting but I still don't care much to see them.l TNA has an aversion to letting younger guys beat their veterans. It hurts the product.

  18. mb113 says:

    What are Shelley and Sabin thinking? WWE has this thing called the wellness policy now…..

    It will be just short matter of time before they come back to TNA.

    • planetcrush says:

      There are far more promotions in the world than just TNA and WWE. I'm sure both Shelley and Sabin will end up in Japan but I hope they do some work for Dragon Gate USA or Ring of Honor. I don't really follow Japan all that much. I'd much rather them stay in the US.

  19. TNA_fan says:

    There goes the tag team division, the next one is the knock out, then who knows if AJ, Joe, James (cowboy), Bobby, Sting, leaves TNA will only be a hour show.

  20. AussieWrestling says:

    When the six sided ring was changed, i could handle that
    When the world heavyweight title looked like a divas belt, i could handle that
    When they scraped big matches like the King of the Mountain, i could handle that
    But when the x division and the tag team division are a cracked shell of there former selves, i cant handle that
    Its freaking bull ARE THEY ALL HIGH? Ive been a fan ever since i saw my first x division match back in 2007, the x division was what set tna and the wwe apart, it made them better and more exciting but now its basically gone and Tna is sinking ship

    • JeffandJoker says:

      This is going way back, But do you remember when America's Most Wanted had a cage match with XXX???

      It was epic, Watching Elix Skipper walk the top of the cage to hit a Frankensteiner was awesome. That is when they had a real tag team division, and the BEST X-Division wrestlers !!!!!

      Along with you, I do understand the need for change but NOT the kind of change we are getting.

      • Pipboy86 says:

        Agreed. That was TNA. I'm not sure what promotion that company has become over the years but it isn't the one I thought and hoped it would evolve into It really is for the most part like a bad mishmash of everything that didn't work in WCW and isn't working in WWE now and whomever is at the helm running the ship can't see the engines are in neutral. Sometimes I wonder if anybody is running the ship or if the captain is drunk. How can a company literally spin it's wheels for going on at least 7 years now remain in business? It is literally beyond me to understand unless the only purpose as some have suggested is to keep Dixie in business and away from the real family business of Panda Energy.

        Up until late 2006 early 2007, that company was on a roll. They were growing by leaps and bounds, faster than any company I have ever seen in wrestling and that includes ECW. Maybe the only company that shot up faster than TNA was WCCW in 1982-1985, but TNA was on a roll and it was talked about as the new alternative. I remember how everyone was talking about ppvs outside of Orlando when they drew a few thousand for some of their first shows. Most people assumed live Impact would be around the corner by late 2007, early 2008. Then it all just kind of went into limbo and you can only blame the leadership for that.

  21. TheSmoakMachine says:

    Don’t take Velvet with you. #Booty

  22. RJ says:


  23. ToledoDavid says:

    I knew this was coming when Alex left…he and Sabin are best friends and have a rock band, also. Will Velvet Sky go with her boyfriend, Chris, or will she stay?

  24. RealCreative says:

    TERRIBLE NEWS…….i remember watching TNA and seeing all these crazy X-Division matches with high risk from very talented guys- it got me HOOKED!…now its slowly dying even more…Petey Williams, Amazing Red, Sonjay Dutt, Lethal, Shelly, Sabin etc etc ….all talented guys & WWE will pick em up & make them stars just like they did with Rey after WCW misused him for years

  25. vantheman77 says:

    Chris Sabin leaving is not much of a surprise the minute that Alex Shelley was leaving. Between Beer Money and MCMG, Beer Money were the ones to move up while the MCMG would be out of TNA in the next several months. With many of the X-Division stars leaving TNA for the past 2 years, I can see WWE doing the Cruiserweight show with these X-Division stars.

  26. tna12 says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. It took them(JJ, Tna originals) 8 years to build a better unique place other then that "little kid show 3 channels down"… But it Took Hogan/And Eric 2 years to destroy it..u got to be kiding…. Aj remember when u told eric with fortune "U PUT A MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS, AND ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HERE"…. Sad to say those 2 struck again….Lets take a count shall we in the last two years. Tag Teams we lost: LAX, Gen Me, Ink inc, british invasion(disbanded) and now Mcmg good as gone.. tag teams we gained in those 2 years: Joe and magnus (lols so oppisite), mexican america(annoyed the hell out of me/now disbanded),kaz/daniels decent, kurt/aj nice. morgan/crimson coulda been crazy good.. but killed that fast…just reading that Pissed me offf more ( Tag team is done)… now move on to the pride and joy of tna X division..First 8 years: best matches ive seen ever… Aj vs joe vs daniels (epic) aj vs Sabin vs petey(omg) Aj vs team canada petey( so much fUn) then in last 2 yrs X division men we lost: Jay Lethal(like roode said: "a good friend who busted his @ss off with a smile on his face good or bad gimmicks" Dutt/willams both left late o9…amazing red/suicide, homicide, list goes on… X division stars we gained: AA(best ) Then mark haskins(LOLOL) sorrensen(whatever) Nese(came/left) kendrick(came/left)kid kash(ehh).zema ion( really.. that is a slap to the face low-ki and evans are talented as hell sure they were or on contrcts but still go after them). So it only took u 2yrs that is a new personal record.. Steiner was right: "Fuck hogan and eric" (steiners voice) Rip Tna 2002-2009 you are missed A LOT.

  27. destroyer_v39 says:

    IF Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin come to WWE I can't wait to see them form a Trio with Evan Bourne. They should call there Stable ABD (Air Borne Disease) or something cool.

  28. TNAUK says:

    Well there goes another reason to watch tna. People are obviously unhappy in the company and I wouln’t be surprised to see people like the Pope, and Tara following sooner or later. I get the feeling recently that everytime tna takes a step forward it’s instantly followed by a bigger step backwards.

    For example going live followed by the brooke hogan news. After seeing brooke on impact and seeing the ratings for her debut show that she promoted heavily, it is clear that Brooke doesn’t equal ratings (to reference a sign on impact) and its also clear that she really can’t cut a promo. I was actually surprised, I expected her to have more charisma and I expected a pop in the ratings for at least one week. I found the whole segemnt with her and dixie quite embarrasing to be honest.

    Surely it would be more beneficail to spend the money they are paying her elsewhere in the business?

  29. Warrior_86 says:

    Very disappointed to read this. I rate this guy as 1 of the most talented wrestlers on the roster. I wish Sabin and Shelley all the best whatever they choose 2 do next.

  30. JeffandJoker says:

    I have been thinking about this for the past few days. . . . .

    I think it has become clear to me that TNA is the new ECW.

    What I mean is, it is a company where older guys come to keep getting a paycheck, middle aged wrestlers come to reinvent themselves, and young talent comes to learn with some tv time !!!!

    ECW had Bam Bam Biglow, Terry Funk, as the older guys just getting a paycheck. . . .
    They had Steve Austin, Shane Douglas, and Justin Credable as the reinventing wrestlers. . . .
    And they were so lucky to have Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, Taz, and others as the young guys trying to make it in wrestling !!!!

    TNA has had Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall as guys looking for a paycheck. . .
    They have RVD, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle trying to get back to the big times. . . .
    and they have Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, AJ Styles, James Storm as the young guys trying to learn and make it to the big paychecks of the WWE !!!!

    • Dirk1n says:

      Angle got out of his WWE contract and came to TNA, Jeff Hardy didn't go back to WWE after they did that bit with CM Punk dressed as him
      I'll give you RVD

      Keep making stuff up though

      • JeffandJoker says:

        Making stuff up ????

        Jeff Hardy was in TNA before and went back to the WWE & then came back to TNA !!! Let me guess you don't remember that !!!!

        Kurt Angle would go right back to the WWE if they wanted him !!!!

  31. MYO716 says:

    WWE better be looking at whats happening here. They can talk about rebuilding a tag division all they want but when you're looking a gift horse in the mouth you cant blink.

  32. Dirk1n says:

    Well, this sucks

    Only problem I have with all these comments are people forget the X division, as we knew it, was dead long before Hogan appeared, JJ seen to that

    TNA looked ready to really push the Guns this year, they done that great video promo for them and that was it
    Hard to believe that the last MCMG match we saw was completely average by their standards

  33. JoshuaTNA says:

    This is a bad move for both Shelly and Sabin, If Shelly rather be a jobber in the WWE or wrestling for some indy promotions then a champion in TNA, then good riddance, I hope Sabin isn't stupid enough to follow him.

  34. steelematic says:

    Do u ppl realize your gripping about chris sabin?? I can name 15 maybe 20 ppl better than sabin. surr mcmg were a dope tag team but like shelly proved, on their own they are garbage. I know im a fan of tna n most of u are lifers like me. we know the good talent. But what u arent realising is hogan. is tryna bring in non lifer fans. Chris sabin isint gonna bring in joe smoe, neither is shelly, lethal, morrgan or any of these recently realesed ppl. But sting angle hardy anderson rvd, these guys will bring in joe smoe n old wwe fans who have ditched wwe because they have the likes of daneil bryn in their title pic. Hogan is giving the fan an alternative. And because tna doesnt have millions of dollars to throw at talent, they are basically starting from scratch. old n new. The old are the stars n the new fueds with them n get noticed. Thats why wwe screwd up. they got rid of alot of old n have a bunch of young punks who arent as good as tna. Thats also why mchman buys our talen n uses them as garbage n lets their carear go south because tna considers them trators n dont want them back. No tna original has ever went north n made it. And if u notice tna never accepts them back, except for that 1 ppv with chris harris. So for all the hogan haters if tna was like u wanted it, our tv deal would be gone n we would slowly crumble like ECW. So hate hogan but thank the lord we have him because i honestly tgink if we didnt have him n his star power spike would have pulled the plug.

  35. TNA_fan says:

    Hogan/Eric will take TNA to new height, I meant low can we say WCW 2.0, I hope Nick Hogan doesn't join TNA, his dad and sister is more then enough.

    I miss the old TNA, when wrestling did matter.

  36. KilloWare1996 says:

    TNA need to seriously get rid of Hogan and Bischoff and get Jeff Jarrett or maybe even Paul Heyman to rebuild TNA's demise that Hoff made

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