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Exclusive: DDP/Jake Roberts/Scott Hall Screw Over Fans?

Exclusive: DDP/Jake Roberts/Scott Hall Screw Over Fans?

Several months ago here on the website, we heavily promoted two IndieGogo campaigns that involved Scott Hall and Jake Roberts. As many of you likely remember, the campaigns were started by DDP as Scott Hall was in desperate need of a hip transplant and Jake needed shoulder surgery. The campaign pages were located at this link and this link.

The original goal for the campaigns was to raise $80,000 for Scott and $9,200 for Jake – enough money to get the surgeries done and keep them both sober while they were living at DDP’s “Accountability Crib”. In the end, Scott was able to raise over $100,000 while Jake raised nearly $30,000 for a grand total of over $130,000 from wrestling fans around the world. Obviously, that is an insane number and is awesome to hear.

As with any Indiegogo campaign, fans who donate money are given “perks” that the owner of the page sets up. Some of the “perks” for Scott and Jake’s campaigns included a signed 8×10 photo, a personal phone call, an autographed t-shirt, a Skype video call, etc. The “perk” varied depending on the amount of money the fan would donate.

Over the past several months, we have received numerous emails from fans who donated money asking us if we had heard anything about why they hadn’t received those “perks.” For the most part, we chose to ignore those emails figuring that the guys were simply behind and the fans would eventually get what they rightfully deserved sooner than later. As the weeks went on, we continued to receive more and more emails from fans who indicated they still hadn’t received their t-shirts, phone calls, Skype calls, etc.

Fast forward to today where we were sent the following email from “ElCastillo23”:

Ryan, first of all BIG FAN. Keep up the good work. Anyway I wanted to tell you, I’ve waited MONTHS for my supposed Skype call, or even a phone call from either one of Jake or Scott, as combined I sent these two over $300 and I worked VERY hard for that money and even missed rent once just so I could help them, and get a call or shout out. However, I’ve sent them both a lot of messages on Twitter and there has been absolutely no reply from Jake. I sent one to Scott guess what he replied? “You didn’t send shit I got the list and I called everyone and sent them the autographs don’t be talking shit mother f*cker” YES, HE TWEETED ME THAT. This is all because I sent him “Scott you’re a fake, I sent you over $100 and you can’t give me the promised call or an autograph?” I honestly don’t think it’s fair that us fans care for the wrestlers and help them out only for them to screw us over. I work very hard for my money, to go to college, pay my bills, and I gave them both money. I NEEDED just to help them out… and this is how they repay me? Also, I’ve recently been checking what’s been going on with them on Twitter and Youtube since they screwed me over and what do you know – A LOT of other fans didn’t get their calls/photos/etc. Check his Twitter replies, you’ll see mine and some of his other replies (of Scott).. It’s messed up…. the fans made him over $100,000 and this is how we are repaid?

The following is from my PayPal acct. I got these receipts after I donated to them:

Scott Hall:

Got Razor’s Back
Show Scott you’ve got his back with this donation… Donors will receive a black “Scott Hall” T-shirt, Autographed 8×10 – Personal phone call from Scott thanking you for your generous contribution. (donated twice on this one) $30USD Exclusive Scott Hall T-Shirt Scott’s inspirational journey is documented in the upcoming documentary, “NEVER TOO LATE”. Be one of the first to own a t-shirt promoting the upcoming release of this film! Black – S, M, L, XL, and XXL Full Donation to Scott: $230


Mega Fan Pack
Mega fans of Jake will receive all of the rewards! You rewards include: – Autographed 8×10 – DVD of Jake’s favorite matches – Black “Resurrection” T-shirt – Resurrection of “Jake the Snake” Roberts DVD – Personal phone call from Jake AND $100USD Fan Pack For Jake’s fans and supporters, with your donation you’ll receive: – Black “Resurrection” T-shirt – Autographed 8×10 – Personal phone call from Jake thanking you!

FULL: $275

It may not be “a lot” to some, but this to me is my rent. It’s not the money that matters because I wanted to help them, but I just hate and find it disgusting how two of my idols would screw not only me but a lot of the fans who helped donate to them, even it it meant not paying our bills, buying gifts or whatever for family. Sorry if this is long, I just really think someone should do something about it. Like I said, it’s not fair to any of us who donated.

Following the above email as well as of several others, we decided to view the comment section over on Scott and Jake’s Indiegogo campaign pages. As it turns out, there are many other fans who are claiming the same thing – they donated money and never received their “perks” for doing so. We’ve checked the list of commenter’s compared to the list of donators and a lot of the same names are featured in both sections. You can read some of the comments from pissed off fans at the links below:



To be fair, several fans have apparently received their designated “perks” for their various contributions to the Indiegogo campaign, however as noted, several have apparently not as well.

So, we want to hear from you guys. Did any of you donate and not receive the “perks” that you were entitled to get? Let us know as we continue to follow up on this story. Stay tuned!

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