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Credit: Billy Krotchsen

JB is out welcoming the crowd. The arena is not full at all, very sad.

Xplosion match – Christopher Daniels d. Jay Bradley in a Bound For Glory series match.

Hardcore Justice opens with the 4 way ladder match: Kazarian def. Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & Austin Aries (due to interference by Daniels and Bobby Roode). Awesome match.

Dixie Carter & The Main Event Mafia come out to the ring. Dixie says that two weeks ago Kurt Angle entered a rehabilitation center & he’s still in there. They don’t know when he’ll be back but their thoughts are with him & they love & support him. Aces & 8s interrupt & say that means its 4 vs 5 and MEM has 1 week to find a replacement. They go back & forth for a bit & start brawling w/ Aces & 8s laying MEM out. Backstage Tito Ortiz is shown arriving earlier today.

ODB def Mickie James & Gail Kim in a 3 way match. Backstage MEM says they need a replacement, Sting says he’s gonna go talk to Austin Aries cause they need him.

Backstage segment – Sting talks to Austin Aries & says MEM needs him. They cut to Bobby Roode backstage saying he’s gonna win his match tonight & get more points in BFG series.

Back again w/ MEM, Sting tells them Aries said no. Rampage says he has the answer & needs to go to the ring.

Backstage Bully is seen talking on the phone w/ someone saying he’s gonna take care of Sabin tonight & next week they’ll reveal the truth about ‘us’. He ends the call w/ ‘I love you too Brooke’.

Rampage & Joe come out to ring. Rampage says MMA fans called him a sellout for joining TNA but he loves it here. He says he wants Tito Ortiz to be their partner against Aces & 8s. Tito comes out & says he was the longest reigning light heavyweight champ in MMA, etc. Bully interrupts & tells Tito if he didn’t have a match tonight he would make Tito his ‘Huntington Beach bitch’. Joe & Rampage hold Tito back while Bully leaves.

Bobby Roode won a 4way tables match against Joe, Magnus & Anderson. Daniels interfered & helped him win.

Backstage Sting is asked if he thinks Tito will work in MEM. He says he thinks so but he just doesn’t know. Cut to Bully & Anderson backstage, they argue about Bully’s match & if Bully can beat Sabin. Cage is set up & match is next.

In the main event Bully Ray beat Chris Sabin in a Steel Cage to win the TNA Title. The Aces and Eights interfered to help Bully win.

More coming soon …. continue refreshing as the show is still being taped as it’s airing LIVE on SpikeTV!

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  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    ….Is there a time delay or something.. ?

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Also, really random I know, but how the HELL is 5 hour energy allowed to use Hardcore Holly's old theme from the attitude era in it's adverts (for those of you watching iMPACT right now)

  3. Stunner says:

    Way to cant wait to watch it, Headed home to watch it DVR.

  4. Carlos Flores says:

    You have to love EGO. Lets hope TNA follows through with these immensely talented athletes. They are extraordinary and can make things very, very entertaining and extremely intriguing. The BFG Series has taken on new life. Kudos, TNA!

  5. jbcissom says:

    Didn't mind the Tito swerve (actually would have been surprised had it not happened). Glad the "heavyweight" title is off Sabin.

    Was I the only person laughing when Taz said "aureola" during the tables match?

    I know this was a PPV themed Impact!, but this is how they should all be booked. Very solid show. Great ladder match, great KO match, great tables match, great main event.

  6. tnadude says:

    I got quite opinionated on this Impact:

    1) The ladder match was off the charts. Even though I expected this ending since the match was announced, it was just done right so it didn't matter.

    2) ODB needs a run with the belt.

    3) The tables match was excellent (not as good as the ladder match, but on any other ***ht, a show-stealer). Again, the ending was easy to call, but still entertaining – so who cares?

    4) Sabin blew chunks in the main event. He missed at least 2 spots that I can remember (jumping onto the cage and the backslide), and seemed uncomfortable in the main event.

    5) I liked the Tito swerve – I really did. But it really serves to show that Spike is running Impact – NOT TNA. We all know they've spent most of the last year building up for Brooke Hogan to be the swerve in this match. At the last minute, they "tease" us that Brooke is secretly with Bully and give us no payoff whatsoever. I'm assuming "Brooke" means Hogan and not Tessmacher. That would be a surprise, but make very little sense.

    THIS TOTALLY KILLED ANY LAST CREDIBILITY THAT STORY LINE HAD. Of course, then again, maybe it was already gone anyway. Or maybe they didn't want to make her too important with Hulk's contract coming up. Who knows.

    But I do know it was disrespectful to all of us fans who have suffered through the sad reveal of the Aces & 8s. And that pi$$es me off. And I hope it pi$$es everyone else off too.

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