Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 17, 2013
Great News! – Scott Hall Reaches Funding Goal

Great News! – Scott Hall Reaches Funding Goal

The IndieGoGo project for Diamond Dallas Page to help Scott Hall turn his life around has reached its financial goal. Fans have now raised $80,105 of the $80,000 needed for Hall to undergo hip replacement surgery, physical therapy, dental work and to help with his medical expenses. They raised over $3,000 in about three hours on Sunday afternoon to finally reach their goal. There are still 21 days left to donate money.

The campaign was launched by Page who will continue to help Hall and special rewards are being offered to those who donate.

For those wondering why they should donate and why Scott is broke, DDP answers those questions in the audio below. Hall has been through several divorces. For those unaware, divorces cost a TON of money and the ex-wives usually wind up taking over half of the husbands income. Check it out below:

You can still donate by clicking here.

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5 Responses to “Great News! – Scott Hall Reaches Funding Goal”

  1. Dante_Cross says:

    It's very sad how the marriage system carries a heavy bias for women and against men. If you've earned your money, and only you, in a divorce, in no way should someone who has not earned something, gain it just because you are breaking up. If they are breaking up, shouldn't it entail that the woman no longer wants anything from the relationship? A simple look at what each person's income has been during their relationship can prove who brought in what amount of money and how, if any at all, it should be divided upon divorce.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      whilst i do agree that the marriage system is biased i wonder about others in the biz that are friends of scott hall. x pac, nash and others have been "getting fans on it" to help scott hall over. i myself wonder why x pac, nash, hhh, the wwe as a whole and others arent helping scott hall financially out and leaving it to fans.

      • Whatever says:

        Well to be fair we don’t know who donated any of the money. We don’t know that x pac Nash or hhh didn’t donate any money to help his cause. I’m not saying they did or should have and I don’t know if they will name any names that did help him out but I for one am glad that they were able to raise all the money needed to help hall get his life back on track and hopefully from now on he will stay sober and clean. DDP’s yoga really seems to work wonders on people. First Jake now hall, keep up the good work fellas.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Well in most cases it's dividing up the assets, so the woman or husband doesn't end up homeless with absolutely no where to go. In this case it involved "spousal support" which is where many women end up sticking it to their exes… In all cases the payments don't stop even if you're broke, and many times continue on for years or even decades, even if they move in with another guy or begin working. In nearly all cases the women who abuse this simply never remarry, or lie to the courts about their current financial situation. There's only two ways to end spousal support payments, either they remarry or the court ends the payments if it's deemed "unnecessary".

  2. cnote says:

    FYI PAC did donate money he even helped push for the last few thousand $$$ Hall needed.

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